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Level 1 Lesson 12, How To Be A Successful Student Part 1A & 1B, 31:00 & 33:00

What are the teachings brought out in lecture?

mystical studies

Mystical studies are of creation and yourself. This study transcends all the studies of the world. This is a difficult process and the Shedy disciplines allow the teaching to be penetrated. The trinity of learning ( Sebai, Sebait, Sebat) allows the proper learning experience. Sebai is authentic teaching who understands teaching and is capable of imparting this knowledge. Giving essential teachings and helping to understand them. The Sebait is the teaching, the whole teaching not a partial teaching. Lower mysteries, seven liberal arts and worldly disciplines. Higher mysteries are of self knowledge, why i am here, who am i. Sebat is the student, the aspirant, with a female connotation in relation to the teacher as a spiritual metaphor. Learning is a necessity and is always available. One should not be arrogant about one’s knowledge. One must have faith in the teaching and teacher. Most important principle: Study the self and Aspiration.


Aspiration is the main drive, the philosophy of how you live. Aspirant is understanding the goals of life. Achieving greatness in the world and greatness in the spirit. worldly achievement helps you sustain yourself but always comes to an end and does not prepare one for the spiritual life. spiritual achievement is to achieve a state of consciousness that transcends physicality. The worldly mentality is an obstruction to the higher purpose in life. One must become altruistic in view. The supreme view is to recognize the divine. Purify actions; thoughts, words, and deeds. Wordly distractions and problems that cause worry. Obstructions on the path will be reduced.

virtues; righteousness, order, truth; prevent unrighteous deeds and promotes positive deeds and this gradually leads to positive thoughts, feelings, impressions. Singular purpose and keeping it in view and practicing virtuous action and purification. Aspiration is a key component because anything you want you run after. How do you approach the teaching? How do you present yourself? Do you spend time with the teaching? Thats effort. Virtue/aspiration allows you to have will power. Will power allows you to sustain your efforts. Purity of heart. Continued faith in yourself.


One must overcome hanging on to worries and relying on books, teacher, and world. You have to learn to rely on yourself. The path will lead to a cliff and you will have to jump off, no safety nets parachutes or soft landing. You have to take flight. The spiritual practice is the wings. The teaching and teacher and writings help make this possible. You understand you have what it takes and have faith in your ability. The teaching and the inner self gives every capacity to achieve anything you want through central nervous system and Sentient consciousness. Through understanding and cleansing the vices through work you will achieve the goal. Self-effort. Hard or easy is a fallacy. It’s based on Ari’s basis which endeavors come hard or easy. How do you approach the teaching? How do you present yourself? Do you spend time with the teaching? Thats effort.


When you act with vices you’re under the control of desire, you are no longer in control. This squanders the life- force energy (thought), and the mind and cognitive ability is going to be diminished. Keep on trying and believe in yourself is needed to get over issues.

Devotion of purpose

Love for what you are doing. Do something toward your goals everyday. Do not wait. movements should be well ordered. Have good association. You have led yourself to a dull condition and you can lead yourself to an enlightened condition. clear out distractions, concentrate, have faith in yourself teacher and teaching, practice virtues.

The purpose of study

The purpose of study is to latch onto two things; things that impress you and things that you dont understand. Everything will be contained in those notes. Come to class relaxed, well rested, free. Apply energy to get to class on time, be prepared. big misconception if its hard it wont be achievable. If you study and press on, the teaching will be understood and you will become engrossed in it; have devotion of purpose and love for it. Rewrite the wisdom texts. Learn how to write it, read it, understand it, memorize it. Make questions for yourself. Close the book, recall it/ write it down, open book ( exercise memory.) Prioritize and study what is important as well as general; Worldly and spiritual priority. How do you know when your understanding something? You become unburdened and dynamic, peaceful. Example; being burdened by another’s behavior like a roller coaster. Through understanding you become peaceful. Dont rely on the class only. Story of Aset and Heru: Aset taught Heru the lower mysteries of the world and then the mysteries of the self. Lower mysteries allow you to be unburdnened so the higher can be pursued. For those who want to teach the high philosophy. Three steps + 1. Listening – reflecting – meditation on teaching + expression. Teachers must learn how to express the teaching.

Are you currently implementing the teaching brought out in lecture?

I feel that I am becoming more in tune with the major themes presented in the lecture even if the practice is not perfect I definitely see progress in these areas. In the area of aspiration and devotion of purpose there still needs to be development as frustration with the world gives way to consistent dispassion and serious aspiration. Also the discussion on studying the teachings in the manner discussed, reading taking notes memorization and going over notes..This is one area that can be applied more consistently.

If not, how will you implement in the teaching you are not currently practicing into your life and spiritual practice?

I will apply myself to begin a more solid study of the wisdom text, as a beneficial way to develop knowledge of the virtuous and Maatian principles of character and living. A serious study of the wisdom texts I feel will be good precursor to a more serious personal study of the scriptural texts. I will continue to work on my Ra-Neb practice as an essential aspect of applying aspiration, devotion of purpose, and developing proper dispassion to the world and focus on the teachings based on my own knowledge and wisdom arising from study of teachings and practice.