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Bastu Baket

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Udja Shems Heryt Dua for you kind words of support. I also find your posts to be very insightful and written as a fine tapestry with rich words instead of thread. They touch the heart with their sincerity. Ny, I certainly agree with your statement regarding the present day and how corporations spend an exorbitant amount on logos to promote profit and greed as compared to the Nefer and meaningful Medtu Neter that if understood properly with guidance from an authentic Preceptor such as Sebai Maa, allows the capacity to transcend. I also appreciated your comment, “what I have gained from the video lectures is an appreciation for “sedjem – listening intently” which one cannot get from reading alone.” So very true! That listening intentlymeans to me that our intent is not only to hear but to understand – Saa. Allowing those words to penetrate deeply and etch in our hearts.
Dua again.
Shems Baket