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Just a quick comment on items 3-4. I may have commented on these before but it is worth reiterating that human existence is by definition an imperfect existence. Therefore, perfection in time and space is neither possible nor desired. Working towards perfection, however, improves the personality but more importantly allows the personality to discover inner peace which is necessary for spiritual evolution and the attainment of “philosophical perfection” meaning the perfect understanding and experience of the higher reality of the true self beyond the ephemeral ego. So this is the higher view and even if there is some misstep or ego outburst that is understood and already forgiven; and in higher sense no forgiveness is necessary as all are moving towards the teaching to their capacity. So when there is disrespect or ego outburst it hurts the aspirant and the embarrassment may cause them to turn themselves away from the teaching but the preceptor does not do that. So it is to the advantage of the aspirant to prevent outbursts and observe the desired respectful decorum and to exercise honest self-forgiveness when there is failure to maintain such standards. Then forge ahead to improve in the future and continue moving forward to greater purification and dismantling of the offending ego which is the true source of the problems.

“Be always more ready to forgive, than to return an injury; they who watch for an opportunity for revenge, lieth in waste against themselves, and draweth down mischief on their own head.”