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Well done

A few corrections and then a few comments

The correct spellings for the following terms are:

Seti Ua (or Wa)

Asar Sokar (or Seker)



We do not have any use of the term “alien” in Neterian studies. All the divinities are natural meaning derived from and composed of spirit essence, the same from which humans are composed. The composite anthropomorphic and zoomorphic concept is one in which human and animal elements are used to convey the idea/energy of a particular divinity.

Shemsu Udja

Composite iconography of the God Ra
Meskhenet is the divinity of birth and she oversees the balance to see if there will be reincarnation if the soul so she can manage which family the person will reincarnate into. She appears as the head of a woman attached to a pedestal which is a birthing stone where women squat to allow the baby to fall out of the womb with the force of gravity.

Shemsu Udja


Indeed, the “preservation” of the Neterian wisdom is thanks to the plentiful monuments and the effect of Kemetic society on succeeding societies throughout history. As a spiritualist and philosopher to me the most important element is the scripture since that allows us to understand in a precise way what the teaching was/is and the meaning of the monuments which all allows us to understand and adopt the teaching in a way that is more powerful that just adopting the clothing, or practicing empty rituals in a weak effort to follow the teaching. And of course the teaching cannot live just in scripture or monument but requires a living fire, a person adept in understanding and disseminating that wisdom to those who are willing and able to understand.