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Very good

A comment about your statement: “I see how it is something that must be lived out through Shemsu Udja Shedy/burning desire, which will never distinguish as long as one follows the path with sincerity, and true devotion.”


The term Shemsu Udja or burning, vibrant, vital —following of the teaching should be understood as a process as opposed to an event. Many people think that this term may be likened to exuberance or excitement as a person who goes to a church and shouts hallelujah every time the pastor says the name ‘Jesus”. That is not it. Shemsu Udja is a deep and all pervasive turning towards the teaching in such a way as to follow the appearance, feeling, thoughts and words of Divinity in greater and intensive, not fanatical, ways to such a degree as to eventually have a situation where it is indistinguishable whether we are looking at a person or the Divinity itself. That is an amazing process and a initiatic process that leads to enlightenment. It is the path of true aspiration wherein virtue is expressed in every area of life not by force but by becoming that nature itself or rather allowing that nature to be revealed by means of a life of continuous abu or purification of mind, body, feelings and actions.


Shemsu Udja