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Lesson 1 Video: Introduction to Egyptian Book 2015 London

A. Summary: Proverb: Transcend passions to set aside time for the teachings
1. This presentation gave a breakdown of the best way to approach the books that are written by Dr. Muata Ashby and karen Ashby. It is a organized way to begin the studies. We are reminded though that books cannot take the place of guidance as they cannot tell you when you are wrong nor when basing things on your your feelings.
2. Books to start with are:
Egyptian Yoga Vol. 1 which is the mother of all books as each of the 18 chapters are expanded into its own book. it is an overall book on the teachings of yoga, religion, tantra …
Egyptian Mysteries Vol. 1 which is on Kemetic spirituality, what religion is to be, what the mysteries are
African Origins which is a 3 volume set on the origin of African, Western and Eastern “civilization”.

Theses 3 books lay a foundation for understanding what the ancient Egyptian teachings are and introduces the three most important aspects of society: religion, philosophy and civilization. Based on your spiritual evolution, you will be guided on where to go from there determined by your feeling and inclination.The next books are organized by themes and levels of spirtual development.

B. Important themes:
The important theme to me is surrounding the term “connect”. All relationships will have a level of dependency. tantra uses the symbol of sex as it shows the connection of male/female, heaven/earth while it teaches to sublimate the sexual energies to the higher self and use that energy for transformation. Soul mate is a misnomer- it is really Asar leading you into the inner shrine. We connect the way we do now, example facebook, in a codependent way to find happiness rather that to be happiness. This is important because it explains to me that the need to hold on to people, things, concepts, culture, and practices can be stemming from a need to connect and reminds of the true connection that needs to be made.
Also important theme is Heru is not the opposite of Set. Auset is the opposite of Set. Intuitional Wisdom is the antidote for egoism. this theme is important to me because I interpret it to mean that the aspect of us that wants to connect/hold on to transient things is the ego. It give identification to the ego and keeps it in delusion. Wisdom takes you out of the delusion to what is real.

C. Question
Is there a minimum number or topics to know or is there a specific sequence of books to know on the path to enlightenment. In other words, Auset is wise in all areas of life before her persuit to know the name of Ra. For someone who may not have an in depth working knowledge on politics, world affairs, economics etc. is it necessary for enlightenment. They will make you a better contributing member of society and able to take action when needed but can one focus their goal on enlightenment and ” get by” with surface knowledge of the world?

Lesson 1 Video 2: Introduction to Ancient African Civilization FIU 2002
A. Summary Proverb: Our people originated at the base of the mountain, at the moon, at the origin of the Nile.
1. African culturedoes not denigrate women instead it is a culture and spirituality based on complimentary opposites: Sa, Sant- brother and sister.
2.All humanity is from African origins as evidenced by 3 million yr old bones called “Lucy” that lived in the Great Lakes region. There is more evidence of these homosapian human ancestors from the Great Lakes area moving up to Kemet around 100,000 BCE and to the rest of the world before and after the last ice age around 15,000 years ago moving to Europe and Asia and the Americas. Question if race has no basis.
3. The mountain of the moon where the Nile River emerges, Mount Kilimanjaro.
4. The Nilotic people understood regularity and consistency in life leading to a life of order, regularity and rhythm with nature.
5. Everyone comes into the world into a culture. Culture gives a window into reality, but gives it from a different perspective based on where you are as seen in the different myths of different cultures. the underlying desire in the different cultures and myths is to “know thyself”. The source of the different myths and method to know thyself however may not be the same. As a result you may know how to interact with the environment around you, your role in your society and be a productive member based on what your culture as taught you, but may still not have a system for knowing who you truly are.
6. Philosophy dictates culture and a civilization is an expression of culture that is beneficial to humanity. Ancient Egypt is/was a civilization. Its most ancient structure is the largest religious monument Heru M Akhet depicting spiritual consciousness rising to the level of the mind. This same tradition was followed by the Pharohs from predynastic times to the Christian era.
7. Ancient Egypt is the flowering of African culture which lasted for thousands of years. All other cultures have drawn from Egypt but none have reinstituted Egyptian culture. All roads lead to Kemet.

B. Important theme
Three aspects of society are philosophy, religion and civilization. Philosophy dictates culture and culture is expressed in the civilization. religion is the main theme seen in Egyptian civilization, its main monument being the Heru M Akhet. The three aspects of religion are myth, ritual and mysticism. This is important to me because religion is often left out of the equation or parts of it is left out in pursuit of knowledge, philosophy and claiming the grandeur of the civilization. Through the practice of Ancient Kemetic religion all aspects of its society becomes elevated. Even the symbols they used represent a higher consciousness.

C. Questions
1. Did civilization, by this definition, exist before migrating to Kemet and therefore brought to Kemet? For example int the upper Nile regions such as Uganda, Ethiopia etc. Or did civilization develop while in Kemet,lower Nile region?
2. In most African cultures today having many children is encouraged. You are even honored as a woman who has many children. This is not necessarily from lack of sexual control but an intended cultural practice. Why? When did the forcus come away from birthing the higher self to having many children?

3. All human originate from Africa no matter the melanin content. Melanin is not an automatic advantage to enlightenment.What is the threat dark skinned African place on light skinned African (so called Europeans) why it appears dark skinned people (who are only identified by their external melanin content) globally are treated more sub humane and attempts are made to change the images of ancient pictures to hide the dark skin evidences?