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In reply to Akua Lesson 11a (#3466) and Chares (#3408) and the responses by Sebai Maa

To Akhu Sebai Maa emphasized that respect in temple decorum and respect to all things is a way of showing respect for ones Higher Self. As a reflection of proper behavior an aspirant is purifying and creating a well-adjusted ego that is able to strive steadfastly. In response to Charles Sebai Maa emphasized the reason lesson 11a is placed where it is and that a student who would like to be aspirants or initiates need to apply further respect and reverence for the teaching. I found these important fundamental aspects to the teachings given in 11A on the topic of proper conduct (including respect and reverence for teaching) because the respect for the path and practice is necessary for proper concentration as well as “love for what you are doing” which creates a stronger and more stable path and understanding.