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Udja Shems Baket,
I very much enjoyed reading your post. It is very clearly and concisely written. I appreciated the sensitivity in your comment, “Priests and Priestesses had the important discipline to transcribe the writings. These writings were inscribed on temple walls, coffins and papyri. But why would they do this? Just to appear as a cultured society who had an acutely artistic flair? Some may just believe this. But the reality is they were teachings which held insights into the spiritual nature of the human being which allows for spiritual awakening, Nehast, freedom from the cycle of birth and death, understandings for the true purpose of life.”
How much of a contrast that is in comparison to the way symbolic imagery is used in modern society. Today corporations spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to develop logos that will subliminally manipulate weak minds, while being pleasing to the eye, all in the name of profit. This use of symbolic images to convey an idea is rooted in the Medtu Neter model, but has been degraded to accomodate worldy purposes. Sebai Maa teaches the Divine origins of Medtu Neter and takes us step by step through the centuries and shows how the spiritual eventually evolved out of the written word as we know it today. Therefore, to put it mildly, we have centuries of unlearning to do.
Which brings me to your comment, “This is not just a language to be deciphered and learned intellectually but as one learns, feels and understands the philosophy contained in it, it assists us in knowing and realizing the Divine!”
That says it all! Dua for your nefer posting.