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Dua Sebai for the important correction to my post. I should have been written that Lord Djehuty “codified” rather than “created” the Medtu Neter writing system. You see, had I been writing in the hieroglyphic Medtu Neer sysem it would have been clear at a glance(: I doo understand the relation of Djehuty as representing the cosmic mind and that through Djehuty (and Sesheta) we have our intellect.

It would, indeed, take the cosmic mind to achieve a reival of the Kemetic Medtu Neter language in modern times. I would have to agree with you that it would most likely take generations, beginning with children at a very young age, to reach the level of proficiency that the Jews have achieved with the Hebrew language, but we have to start somewhere. In the meantime, since it is my intention to attain Nehast in this very lifetime, I will take your advice by taking advantage of he highly rewarding TOA coursework in the present and gain wisdom through the philosophy of the Medtu Neter teachings. Dua for providing authentic tranlations of the Medtu Neteru and its philosophy.