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TOA Lesson 3 – Video Lecture
3. What are the main take-aways from the INTRODUCTION TO HIEROGLYPHS video, the important teachings to remember about the Medtu Neter and and how it works in principle?
The video lecture by Sebai Maa, along with the complimentary power point slides, hieroglyphic flash cards and video webinar provide a powerful support for the reading material. What the eyes can sometimes miss the ears can pick up and vice-versa, which is why I appreciate the combination of video lectures and readings as an approach to the teachings. What I have gained from the video lectures is an appreciation of sedjem (listening intently), which one cannot get in reading alone. The power point slides were particularly key to the subject because, as pointed out in the lecture, Medtu Neter is a visual and phonetic language. Therefore, the learning experience was enhanced vis-à-vis the visual image of the ideograms and glyphs.
Having video lectures and webinars with one’s Spiritual Preceptor is the next best thing to actually being in the presence of the Preceptor. The main take-aways that were presented in the INTRODUCTION TO HIERGLYPHS video were the fundamental rules to reading,understanding, and writing the Medtu Neteru in order to form a solid basis for the language. The most important teachings about Medtu Neter were that the “real value of the language gives you a concept of the culture’s thinking.” Thus, in ancient Kemet words supported the thoughts of the Divine made manifest, and therefore language was sacred. Further, these sacred words existed on all three planes of existence, namely the Causal, Astral and Physical planes. Therefore, Medtu Neter is yet another way of linking us to the Divine, unlike modern Western language which has become secularized to accommodate the material world of time and space.
Htp, Shems Heryt