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Lesson 5

There is evidence that the pre classical Greek Minoan culture of 3000bc was strongly influence by the Ancient Kemetians. There is also strong evidence that the Egyptian culture influenced all the “Abrahamic religions” regions & Hinduism and Buddhism. Thousands of years before Phillip of Macedon and his son alexander concurred Asia and parts of India, a Egyptian king, Asur captured and civilized all of Asia. These other nations forgot their past, as the Egyptian priest told solon who told Plato about Atlantis, since they didn’t keep imperishable records, their societies have to start all over as children because of innovation and environmental disasters. Their most popular poet, Homer even writes the Gods came from Kush. There are even some scholars who claim that pre-classical greek culture itself was black or mixed. German archaeologist Vinzenz Brinkmann, Using high intensity lamps, ultraviolet light, special cameras, plaster casts and certain powdered minerals was able to scientifically prove that the entire Parthenon, including the actual structure as well as the statues, was in fact painted. He furthermore was able to reveal the pigments of the original paint and has created several painted replicas of Greek statues that are currently on tour throughout the world, most had several African features which were covered up. The Greeks picked some gods and changed others, this was followed by the romans who took the Greek gods wholesale, followed by the Christians who covered-up their “pagan” roots, but still practice many aspects in a mixture of Neterism, Zoroasterism and eastern religions.
Neterism is the oldest religion on the planet. The pyramid text are the oldest religious text. The Ankh stood for unity of mater with spirit. For example the 10 commandments are a replica of the teachings of MAAT. The Bible indicated that the gods came from Kush and that Jesus was at least part black. The orthodox roman Catholic church eventually took over and co-opted themselves, they took certain days, rituals and replaced them with saints and angels. They took over temples and erected new ones in their place and killed anyone who wouldn’t follow.
Next we look at Islam and its Kemetic roots. The Koran written in 650 ACE, accepted the old testament but not the new. Claiming prophet Mahomet was the last prophet” “anyone who doesn’t believe in Islam is a infidel” Arabs much like there Christian counterpart destroyed many temples and replaced them with Mosques
Next we have Judaism which much like the Kemetic Neter religion of Gods and Godesses , they started with multiple god and goddess worship, they also took on the duality of Zoroasterism, where there is a supreme good and supreme evil who struggle for power. They replaced the gods and goddess with saints and angels, but they had the same functions. The Jews where actually Egyptians after all if there was a so called Exodus. Many concepts such as the tree of life where taken directly from the Kemetic culture.
Through cultural anthropology we are able to connect the dots and learn the full extent of how Kemetic culture and religion played a part in each culture. The 1st and most important part of evidence is Contract, then we can look at form, functions and correlations of Myths and other aspects. From this cultural anthropology we can see that the Hindu/Buddhist religions came the from Nile as well. As a writer put it “ there are 2 great Ethiopian cultures one in Africa and one in India. Asur went around the world with his family civilizing the peoples of earth. Senusret I was another Egyptian civilizer who reached the shores of China. The Indus valley is loaded with example after example such as the blue lotus flower which does’nt grow in India, white and red paint for men and women, and the worship of the serpent. We have clear evidence of contact, clear evidence of similar myths . The Indologist even admit that they can’t prove anything before 600BC, these leaves most dates to speculation about their true antiquity.

The true travesty is in light of all this evidence western researchers/Scholars won’t accept that civilization wasn’t started by the Greco-Roman culture. These bias are then printed in text books across the world, so the true extent of the worlds Kemetic roots may never been known.

The most important part of this discussion for me, was how we can connect the dots using. 1. Evidence of Contact 2. Form 3. Function ( Myth) I think this shows strong evidence for text book revisions.

C Questions
1.What’s the difference between the Kundalini Serpent and the one the cat goddess Sekhmet cuts its head off.
2.I was looking for information information of TIM (Shiva) the destroyer. Is this apep?
3.How did Heru have to prove himself to become king?
4.Could it be true that Homer, Aristotle and even Plato where people of color? Is there strong evidence for this?
5.There are many 5 main traditions of Egyptian religion. How does one choose?