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Level 1 Lesson 2
Video Assignment- Intro to SN short part 2b.mp4

The Important Themes In This Video:
There are two forms of worship (devotion to creation) ceremonies in Shetaut Neter: we have the public form of worship. This form of worship was done in open areas for public participation. And there is the private form of worship where the priests perform the devotional ceremony in the inner chambers of the temple where only the priest could go. And the ordinary person placed a alter in a secluded area of his/her’s home were they did their devotion, studying and meditating.

I was informed of sage Seti Owa who was a king of Kemet and the first to teach The Glorious Light Meditation System. Coming before all known systems of the East. The proof of this is that this system is inscribed on the walls of his burial chamber, which predates all other written systems. The inscriptions give us the instructions on how to meditate, the postures, and what to visualize and chant.

There are different composite-alien forms that depict Asars powers. We have Asar Sukar. Asar Sukar is Asar being represent by having a human body with the head of a hawk with the sun disk on top of his head. In the picture that is shown in the video there is Asar Sukar who is the king of the Netherworld, Anpu the son of Asar, Djehuti who is the scribe of the gods and goddess and represents the mind, Nebenhet who is the goddess that weighs the heart and determines where a person will reincarnate and Mesket whose head is on a birthing stone, which I didn’t get any understand of her role in the scene. The picture depicts the heart being weighed against the feather of Maat. The goddess Maat wear the head dressing of an ostrich feather. If your heart is heavier than the feather of Maat, this means that you were an unrighteous person. You will suffer for you delusional behaviors. After suffering you will reincarnate back into the physical world. If the weight of your heat is equal to the weigh of the feather of Maat then you will go to serve Asar in the afterworld. If your heart is lighter than the feather of Maat then you will go and sit on the throne of Asar, because you have transcended the physical world. Then the Neteru will come and sit on you. This means that you will become one with the deities no longer having reincarnate back to earth.

It is more to living by the Maatian philosophy of being righteous; having right actions or doing good deeds. Maat is discovering a balanced approach to life, an approach that will put you in harmony with the Universe (creation). Your actions will be motivated by your work to staying in harmony with creation.

Being righteous based on wisdom teachings is the first step to turning your life around.

The disciplines of the Sema Tawi (Egyptian Yoga) postures are a physical and metaphysical workout. The postures involves learning to act and feel like the divinities. The postures open the door to you being able to know how divinities think and feel.

You learn from your spiritual preceptor how to reason or think. The preceptor is like a troubleshooter. A troubleshooter is one who understands not only the philosophy on how the world works but also how to apply the knowledge and techniques that will allow the student to have the proper emotional balance to deal with everyday life.

The keys to the failure of a spiritual aspirant is one being dishonesty, not understanding how to make cense of the world and how to apply the philosophy and not surrendering to the teacher. The teacher teaches you how to think and feel about creation. You must let go of your false sense of self in order to grow.

The Sema Tawi postures are based on the reenactment of the mythic drama in Shetuat Neter. They can also serve as a meditative session as well. The systems of the postures are broken down into five phases. We should try to see going through each phase as a journey. The first is Khepri- creation. The second is the earth phase. The third is the transition phase from animal and element forces. The fourth is the higher self poses. The fifth is establishing our self into the higher teachings.

Spirituality has to be integral practice. You must apply all aspects of the teachings. You must do devotional, meditation and listening to the wisdom teachings in order to have a fully developed personality. We here in the west we practice yoga for its ability to improve our out physical health and not for its ability to bring about spiritual advancement.

I now know that knowledge plus experience equals wisdom. Information does not equal wisdom. Intellectual brightness does not equal spiritual enlightenment. Intellectual brightness allows you to understand the wisdom teachings. True wisdom is when you have intuitional enlightenment of a subject. To have an intuitional understanding of a subject the intellect isn’t needed. Intuition is the moment of clarity with out need of comparisons. The wisdom teachings allow you to purify your ability to reason or think so you can have an intuitive or instinctive understanding of a subject. Clarity occurs through a three-step process: listening, reflecting and meditating on the wisdom teachings.

What Impressed Me The Most:
What impressed me the most is how the ancestors of humanity civilization had the foresight on how to preserve their system. By viewing this video I can see were the modern society got most of is spiritual ideas from. Ideas like the judgment of the dead, the places where the dead go after being judged. They call it heaven and hell. The understanding of the job of a spiritual preceptor as one who is skilled in all of the disciplines of his/her spiritual system so that they can rightly guide the student through life also impressed me.