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Shems Ua Netert

Level 1, Lesson #12 Audio Assignments: 3511 How to be a successful student Parts 1A & 1B

1)What are the main teachings brought out in the lecture recording?

One important principle which allows a student of the higher mysteries to succeed pertains to the trinity of the learning system of Shedy. First, there must be a Sebai, an authentic teacher who has and is capable of imparting the knowledge. Then, there is the Sebait, or whole, authentic teachings. (The implication here is that anything learned in the realm of time and space, such as engineering or mathematics is only a part of the whole. ) The third component of the trinity is the Sebat- the student/aspirant. The ending of the word “Sebat” implies that the term is female, meaning the receptive. The teacher is seen as male; the student (female) receives the seed from the teacher (male) and creates a new life. If the student is relaxed, rested, and attentive, the student is capable of receiving the seed that the teacher gives. Also, it is important for the student to have faith in the teacher and teaching, and to respect them also. The student should be take great care to meet expectations such as arriving to classes on time, and obtaining proper clothing and other materials. During lectures, the student should take notes on things that stood out as glorious, and those things that were not yet understood.

Another important principle in a student’s success pertains to aspiration. The aspirant must understand and live according to the higher purpose of life, which is to gain transcendental knowledge. Devotion of purpose is essential to the aspirant’s success; the aspirant must work toward spiritual goals every day. Furthermore, the aspirant must understand that there are 2 goals in life: the first is to achieve greatness in the world, and the second is to achieve greatness in spirit. Worldly greatness means achieving knowledge in a special discipline, such as a degree or other measure of competency. With worldly greatness, one can sustain oneself, and create the necessary conditions to purse spiritual greatness. Spiritual greatness equates to the discovery of the divine. Gaining knowledge of the Self involves eradication of the vices through purification of thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is necessary live by virtue, or live righteously by following the teachings of Maat. Living by virtue allows the aspirant to turn away from the distractions of the world. It also causes impressions from unrighteous deeds to be cleansed from the consciousness, and to be filled with positive impressions. Additionally, through virtue, the aspirant learns to let go of misgivings and fears about succeeding on the spiritual path. The aspirant comes to realize that as the divine, if vices are cleared, the aspirant can achieve anything despite any apparent obstacles.

Enlightenment will not come if one holds on to the world. This includes authentic teachers and teachings. The teacher and teachings can point to and open the door, but ultimately, the aspirant must have the power, desire, confidence, and self-reliance to walk through.

2) Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book & lecture? If so, which ones?

I do practice the chants, meditations, and other forms of worship on a daily basis. Aside from worship, I also study the higher teachings on a daily basis. I also practice hygiene of body, speech, and mind, and abstain from use of synthetic chemicals. I am also trying to simplify my life, and turning away from worldly distractions.

3)If not, then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?

It is difficult for me to be fully rested (to sleep 8 hours,) and still have time for Shedy studies and worldly obligations. I try to get at least 6 hours of sleep, which seems to be the best that I can manage at this time.

Also, I do not have special clothing for the spiritual hall, and am uncertain of where/how to obtain it…