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Very good

A couple of comments.

About your statement: “2.How to conduct yourself as an initiate in the presence of the Shety group or spiritual preceptor. cleanse before coming in to temple in body, thought, speech”


It is always important to keep in mind that though the ideal may be to be cleansed in terms of mind and body, it is important to realize that most personalities are so worldly-involved and have been so for so many lifetimes that that would be unrealistic. The cleanliness of body leads to a movement of cleansing the mind so should be promoted avidly.


About the statement: “Should have a friendly but busines like and detached attitudes. “

Perhaps a more apt term to use, instead of “business-like” might be “khak-ab” meaning”dispassionate”/ “detached”. This does not mean uncaring or inattentive but rather relating with others in a truthful as well as independent manner not relying on them for one’s fulfillment or satisfaction. This is the prescribed manner of engagement not only for relations between aspirants but between aspirants and everyone. From here also the feeling of friendliness is beneficial but not in a sentimental way but with wisdom, gratitude and respect for oneself and the other and their value in service but even more so as to their value in being an expression of the Divine.


About the statement: “9.One must realize the body is not the ultimate abode. It is not your only existence. Worrying, or running after the body perpetually is counterproductive to the teaching and not enjoined.”


The body is important as a venue for conscious awareness; therefore it is due proper consideration and maintenance – hence the Kemetic Diet. It is not to be seen as the abode of consciousness in terms of the ideal or ultimate dwelling place of the soul as death proves that impossibility of that. If undue care is accorded to the body the sense of ego intensifies; if under-care is provided then ill health arises blocking the capacity to discover spiritual awareness. So there is a balance and each aspirant needs to find it through working with the body, determining its needs and proper three-fold nutrition nutrition necessities and over time gaining an understanding and higher capacity to abide in higher realms of consciousness.


About the statement: “I don’t feel my action is completely in line with Maat and the Precepts and intensive Shedy practice is not fully established, I see areas where I slip into the conditioned past actions or negligence, so I seek to bring this into my practice and continue to become a more perfected aspirant. “


The imprtant theme in this statement above is where you say “I don’t feel, and “I see areas” because these statements denote sensitivity to a non-egoistic ideal which requires a certain amount of sensitivity and detachment. The proper self-assessment and patience then makes it possible to do what you said next “so I seek to”, and this is what allows self improvement over time. So keep up the good work.