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This may be the first time that anyone has included a rendition about the cover of the book Kemetic Diet.

Indeed, this is a symbol of the three-fold nature of the KD teaching. In it is the key to living a Kemetic lifestyle that leads to enlightenment.

In your final statement #3 you mentioned about time for meditation. The recommendation is to adjust taking time from other areas (without eliminating those areas) and applying it to the meditation time and thereby increasing the meditation time. However, sometimes people are not ready for more time even though they say they want to meditate more. What happens is that this feeling and desire is aspirational and not yet effective in the heart meaning the conscious mind is not inline with the unconscious. At some point things come together and certain obstructions are cleared that allow the flow in the desired direction. So the recommendation is make these adjustments when ready and not to force any issues that are not ready to be resolved. The building aryu of aspiration, along with the aryu of growing virtue and wisdom through greater subtle understanding of the personality, the wisdom teaching and the world accumulated over time will eventually lead to a critical mass of execution of the proper action (ari) at the time it is ready.