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Behudet Maat

-A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard: the Temple of the Great Goddess Hetheru which was one of the temples that directed the development of kamitic civilization. It’s a place where children went to school, where trades were taught, religious aspects of society was taken care of, this is one of the temples that was closed when the Romans decreed there should be no other religion but Christianity. On the side of the temple complex of Hetheru there is a building created by some of the early Christians who took over the temple complex. Although the temple of hathor was allowed to stand other buildings were destroyed. They dismantled parts of the other buildings and built churches out of the stones of these buildings and temples. Some temples were actually converted into churches. Crosses were carved into the walls on top of the hieroglyphics in the temple of Aset in Philae and they set up altars in these temples, they burn fires not in the way the ancient Egyptians did with the property oils, they use combustible materials that made suit cover up the beautiful artwork in hieroglyphics.
The Temple had an elaborate organization of structure in the way the priests and priestesses more organized as well as how the educational system was organized. Within this structure you had ordinary school teachers who were overseen by a supervisor. You had the head teacher which was the stage of the temple, you had the supervisory priests and priestesses of different areas that is scribes, musicians, and embalmers, and various other areas a specialization. All were under the Per-Ah which was the king or queen who were head over the religious system and there was also another branch called Hekat (Government) which means Crook as in Crook and Flail like a Shepard that guides sheep, this is why you see the Per-Ah with a crook and flail because he’s a shepherd this is where the Christians get the idea of the Good Shepherd the crook and flail represents the power to lead (crook) power to direct (flail) the King leads the people and directs the army.
Downfall of Kamitic culture social structure in the Old and middle kingdom: social structure during this time and ascending order of politics is the common people, skilled workers, government, priest and priestesses, and the king this was the Old and Middle Kingdom. In the New Kingdom era we start to see a change. What brought the Middle Kingdom to an end was the attack by the Asiatics called Hyksos who were able to control most of Egypt. When the Hyksos were finally forced out the new kingdom began which was a more modern kind of empire with vast rulership into Asia and Europe. During this time the military gained greater importance equal to the priests and priestesses which happened more and more until the priesthood was finally pushed out. This is important in the downfall of kamitic culture beginning in the New Kingdom.
Multiple wives weren’t allowed in Kamitic culture, however, it is allowed in other African cultures but not as a general practice, likewise polyandry in the same manner was not a general practice.
The bull and the 7 cows is a concept that is common throughout Africa about the spirit. Spirit is the source of life which begets time and space 7 aspects. One spirit (Bull) and the infinite aspects of creation (7 cows). This concept translates into the the organization of social structure. Which is one of the reasons many African cultures have this idea that it is okay for men to have multiple wives or polyandry for women.
Cultural expression factors categories: Origins history· nationality· art design (layout) composition-style, and pattern· religion-spirituality·philosophy·language speech patterns·colloquialisms-etc.·iconography·myth and mythological motif subject matter.
Remember the purpose of culture is not to differentiate us, differentiation is a byproduct of culture. Culture developed because environmental factors with the different materials, foods, weather conditions etc. You cannot exist without culture it’s your window of the world. Our cultural expressions are leading us into trouble, causing us to look at the world and say everyone else is concept are wrong even though we talked about the same things, here’s where racism comes in which is a bogus issue based on relative reality not transcendental reality of the absolute which is what we are all after, that is, what is the absolute which transcends race, culture, occupation etc. All these are pieces to the puzzle of life the pieces are relative always change so we shouldn’t get caught in the pieces which has live our lives and ignorance. We can study the cultural expression which are different but if we begin to see a pattern, this means there was contact and synchronicity this rises above ordinary chance. This pattern has been discovered between Kamit and other African nations, between Kamit and India, also Kamit and ancient Greece and Greek philosophers.
Your thoughts in your mind are based on your cultural concept, this is not who you truly are, you transcend your name, religion, gender. If you were to practice the disciplines of yogic culture you’ll begin to discover the absolute aspect of yourself even though you exist in the world of time and space as a physical human being.
Dr. Ashley was asked about similarities of culture and if you put different people in a similar environments even though they are in different parts of the world would they develop a similar culture, myths, religion etc? Dr. Ashby explain this is a logical extrapolation, however, look at experiments that have been done with twins especially identical twins, sometimes they’ve been separated at birth and studies have shown that when they are in similar environments with similar parental structure, same kind of school etc., they still develop in different ways. He explained there’s two reasons 1. infinite variety and 2. karmic basis. 1. is Virtual, it’s not Absolute, the world of time and space is finite although it appears to be infinite. Where do the souls of all the people who exist on the planet about 6 billion now, where do they come from? The answer given by philosophy is that this Absolute, this infinite Spiritual Essence is able to manifest and 10 people or 50 billion people in the form of individual souls. What are you? You are not your arms, not your heart, not any part of your body so what are you? If you lose an arm you can go on without it. If your heart goes bad they can replace it and you go on even if they cut out half your brain. So who are you? You are the soul that inhabits the body for a certain period of time. There’s a saying you are a spirit having a human experience, not a human having spiritual experience. You go be on time and space as a transcendental being living temporarily to have certain experiences thus comes in reincarnation, this is an African concept of soul embodiment as you are on your journey. How is your soul directed? That is 2. karmic basis, which is the residue of your previous actions like things you’ve done 10 years ago is a residue in your conscious mind. When you die this residue carries forth on your journey until you reincarnated again. Those twins have different karmic basis, no two souls have the same karmic basis, it’s impossible because no two souls exist at the same place at the same time or have the same experiences. This residue is from things you experience and resonates with you through your feelings and desires. If you live a life of virtue your karmic basis will be virtuous (which is lighter), if you are a vicious person (which is heavy) those experiences will weigh you down and lead you into a dull experience of life in the form of adversities.
Kamitic writing say that the gods and goddesses came from their homeland of Nubia to Egypt. There’s a beer called Sakara this is the great step pyramid of IM Hotep architect and sage builder of the first real pyramid before the Giza pyramids. They have associated this pyramid with alcohol. This is a degraded culture that does this, they also have a pack of cigarettes named Cleopatra, this is not civilization in the terms of what the lecture is about this is a dysfunctional society.

Kamit was an in between point for equatorial Africa (the Sahara) which in ancient times was not a desert and Asia Minor which includes Jordan Israel etc. In the New Kingdom Kamit decided they were tired of being attacked by the Asiatics so they expanded their influence trying to civilize the world. Kamit established an exchange. Colonies of Greeks, Indians, and others came in to learn and intermarried. This caused a degeneration of kamitic culture in various ways during the New Kingdom and onward. A culture developed more like the Greeks and Romans based on pleasure seeking as opposed to philosophy, more on military conquest as opposed to development in art and philosophy. This was able to happen because the black people of ancient Kemet didn’t have a racial bias or racial segregation mentality. Allowing other people in was okay for them, as well as allowing intermarriages as opposed to Western culture who does not want to intermarry based on so-called superiority nonsense. The ethnicity of the people changed and so did the culture. The difference between ethnicity and culture ethnos appears in the Bible. Culture and compasses at 6 even when the ethnic appearance changes the culture should not change. The culture of spiritual awareness is a fundamental culture that should not be allowed to change.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why: what I thought was more important during the lecture was the part where it explains that there are at least three forms of realities we need to be concerned with in life philosophically: 1.The actual object, 2. Image of object (which is different from the object), of the object. None of these are realities an example is a rose. Your ideas about the roles are based on culture the image is what you think you see and the name is what you call it based on culture behind these three illusions is the absolute the transcendental. All matter is the same only appearing different due to the combination of its atomic structural patterns. The reason this was to me one of the most important aspects of the lecture is because it instructs us on the illusions we are in and the ultimate reality that is behind what we think we see but are actually blind to.

C-Note any questions you may have: in this day and time of us getting back in tune with the ancient kamitic religious path of Shetaut Neter how do we avoid the downfall of this resurgence due to so many of us having adopted a western mindset like those who are the cause of is downfall in the first place?

Another question is how do we keep from the destruction of the character of the sage and teacher(s) of the teachings when this society has done so with lies, slander, innuendo etc. to so many leaders and teachers in the past just because of their racial appearance not being the image of what this society promotes?

Another question I have is based on a teaching I heard years ago, it was stated that Pharoh khufu lifted the immigration laws so that his son could marry the Hyksos, is this true? There was a name mentioned in the lecture in relation to immigration, however, I couldn’t hear the name.

My final question is could you clarify this discussion about the kenna papyrus? I feel the author should have come to you with the question and I was going to reply to him but I am not qualified to speak on your behalf being a neophyte.