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Interactive assignment: Level 1 – Lesson 2
Reply to Elizabeth Post 6241 and Sebai Maa feedback (6321)

Dua Elizabeth for the rendition of the video assignment that was thorough. I was particularly impressed by the comments related to the person in prison and how he was able to find a higher perspective about life as well as helping others to do the same. It is a confirmation of the transformation power of the teaching.

I like your reference to the concept of “neoplasticity” confirming the capacity of the brain to learn new patterns that can lead to personality change. Historically, the “neoplasticiy” whether unknown at the beginning, has been applied in the social context and Religion, to promote the superiority of western culture in their relationship with the rest of the world. We must be particularly alert to the Science of the mind as practiced and studied in Western societies and the rest of their adepts in the world as it may be used as instrument to subjugate the mind of the masses toward accepting the current state of affairs as inevitable. To the extent that the plasticity of the brain has been used to create thinking patterns to justify cultural domination and sustain global ignorance, it implies there is a need to reverse consciously such patterns in our brain during our quest to self-liberation.

DUA Sebai MAA for the comments related to mind transformation through purifying the Aryu that is also enlightening as it allows us to know that developing new action patterns aligned with righteousness can also promote changes in thinking patterns that can purify ourselves and expand our consciousness to the ultimate knowledge of our true SELF. This is evident in the following Egyptian proverb: “Wisdom is the child of training, Truth is the child of Wisdom and Love”.

To attain NEHAST requires hard work, dedication as well as righteous and selfless actions as expressions of universal caring and love for humanity. It is a sure but difficult path for being true of Speech; a path that was followed by many Sages before us who left us this teaching with the help of our preceptors in order to assist us in this age.

On the topic of intuitive understanding, I relate to your concerns, Elizabeth, regarding the present time where information are made easily available but, in a way not to promote deep thinking and autonomy of thinking but to control the process of reasoning. In my sense, it is part of a dominant culture mentality that tends to globalization and in that sense; superficiality in all aspects is a necessity and, therefore it does not require people to take time to reason properly as the primary objective is to manufacture consent to the inevitability of the system.