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Lesson 4
About 150,000 years ago human beings emerged. During this pre- Ice age period humans began leaving Africa and spreading all over the world, these cultures developed independent, some dependent, while others stagnated from the Kemetic source from which they came. By the time the ice age ended about 10,000 years ago humanity was all over the world. Because of the ice age’s land lock many of these cultures developed independently from the Kemetic roots. The records (The Palermo stele & papyrus of Turin) show that Kemet really begin about 36,000 years ago. Manetho provides us with a number of interesting details about the so-called “divine” rulers of Ancient Egypt and their dynasties which he divides into three different categories: The Gods, Heroes and “Manes” but many other authors, Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea in Palestine, and Syncellus speak of a lineage of Gods who reigned on Earth for a total of 36,600 years.
Egypt has its roots in Africa, one can say that Egypt is the flower of many years and stages of African development. Many cultures developed by the out migration of Kemet such as the Tibetan, India and others. There is evidence there where trade relationship between them. These cultures either developed, independent, dependent or stagnated. Such as the Greeks who were dependent on the Egyptian mystery schools. We have many examples of stagnant development, such as places that didn’t need to developed further do to natural abundance they didn’t need to develop high technology. We can really stay that most of the world development independently from Kemetic culture such as the Indians, Chinese, ect.. Do to the influence outside degraded ( pleasure seeking) cultures and Kemet’s own internal corruption ( forgetfulness) it went into decline.
The main question(s) becomes why should universal spiritual consciousness be the biases of society? Ethics is a natural expression of spiritual conscious why is this important?
My Answer: If Spiritual consciousness and hence ethics is at the root of your society than all other aspects of society will be elevated. For example you won’t have corruption within your corporations, if you have corporations at all, there would be equality amongst the people, eliminating the differences in race, gender, age or social economic status, people & resources would not be exploited, all aspect of your society would be in harmony

There are 3 ways of knowing
1. Taught
2. Faith
3. Experience
Knowing by faith and know by experience is radically different when talking about spiritual awakening. To have spiritual awaking ins to Know and if you know than you don’t need faith, there is only trusting what you know.

B.) The Main points
Spiritual consciousness and ethics is key for societal balance.

C.) Questions
1.When Manetho says Egypt was ruled by Gods 36,000 years ago, what did he mean?
2.When you say emerged from the heart Africa 150,000 years ago, How did they emerge? From the monkey spark of evolutionary consciousness? From water? Direct Creation? Genetic Creation?
3.Do any of the teachings from Egypt’s high period remain intact? From what period are the teachings we have currently?