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This is a very good question.

In the spiritual path there is a place that is reached where there is an impasse that an aspirant cannot go beyond because nature (the Neteru) [subtle ignorance] blocks them. They need help from the soul to break through the higher realization that is as if hiding behind the world of time and space. The aspirant needs divine grace to lift him her up from the world of time and space and when that occurs all is set in its proper place and Set takes his place, Heru takes his place, etc. So in this mythic context the ego cannot progress, the aspiration (Heru) reaches a limit, and the gods and goddesses (Nature does not reveal itself even after meditations and chants and studies) stand their ground too. The mind is still not strong and pure enough so it needs help. Something needs to come in to apply the push necessary to break though to higher levels of consciousness. This help and or force to push through can be from the divine grace acting through preceptors, soul, self-effort drawing divine grace to relent and allow one through to the inner mystery of life.