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All in all a well balanced post reflecting on the insights of the teaching and its expected outcomes for every spiritual aspirant.


About the statement: “The art of meditation is a discipline practiced for the purpose of promoting the discovery of one’s Higher Self, the transcendental spirit , in order to attain Nehast, spiritual enlightenment. It is a tool for religious and non-religious, allowing the practitioner to go within, to expand his consciousness from individual to cosmic. “


“Seekest thou God, thou seekest for the Beautiful. One is the Path that leadeth unto It – Devotion (spiritual love directed at and in relationship with) to the Divine joined with Wisdom about the nature of the Divine.”


While it is true that meditation practice is for all human beings including aspirants and non-aspirants, religious and non-religious; it is also most often true that human beings who engage in such practices without the benefit of spiritual aspiration, devotion to spirit, preceptorship, etc. will not have the same or as positive outcomes as those with the features mentioned. While yoga and meditation can offer temporary relief from the stresses of life, if not led properly and with the ideal of growing to resolve the issues and complexes, those will remain and the progress will stagnate.


About the statement: “b. Balance equal to feathers of Maat. You are a modernly righteous person, you will live with Asar into the Underworld.”


Though it may appear in some of our texts especially in the form of comparative studies with other religious traditions such as the Ancient Greek, who used this term, the more accurate term to refer to the realm of existence after death is “Netherworld”. Perhaps a more apt translation of the Ancient Greek mythology term “underworld” to the Ancient Egyptian terminology is “Neterkhert” which means lower region of heaven. The term Netherworld or Ancient Egyptian “Duat” is likened to an Astral plane and it is this realm that is mostly being referred to with this definition. If interested in more on these issues see the book African Dyonysus.