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A well organized post complete with heading and everything:)


About your statement: “Two things which impressed me about this presentation was first the concept of being taught how to think, how to reason, how to feel. Developing a new mentality, not what you were born with opening up to the level of wisdom and intuition.
There are so many mentalities intermingling without boundaries especially now with everyone having such easy access to how everyone is thinking on a moment-by-moment basis.”


“They who began to benefit from words of wisdom while they were children shall prosper in their affairs.”


In a any society a socialization process implants the “Societal Philosophy” (See book Comparative Mythology) of the society, its guiding values, from an early age, especially between 2-7 years of age but also beyond. As sage Ptahotep said: “None are born wise” so they learn from society. Though the aryu is a factor, the strongest aspect affecting the personality are the present experiences so it is important to have children grow in a righteous society since that will lead to the fate of the society as a whole. If that societal philosophy is one of ethical conscience it leads to a society in pursuit of truth, the highest of which is Nehast or spiritual enlightenment; otherwise if is delusion, greed, etc.

So people need to learn how to think about things either based on emotion and ignorance or ethical conscience and reason. This makes for higher parenting and a quality society that is conducive for all to attain enlightenment as opposed to war, segregation, suffering and constant conflict.


About the statement: ”

Scientists talk now of ‘neoplasticity’ how the brain can build new neural pathways as it is presented with new information in a sustained and repetitive way and that as a result, personalities can change.

This is hopeful scientific confirmation that the more we focus on and practice the teachings there can be inner corresponding transformation.

Secondly the discussion of intuitive understanding of a subject. I have observed that when you are involved for long periods of sustained involvement with a subject that this aspect of understanding seems to be accessible.

I wonder if that will continue in an age where information is so quickly available that young people in particular do not have to reflect very much to get answers.”


Indeed there is the possibility of neoplasticity and this is also affected by aryu. Aryu (karma) has an effect on the creation of the physical body and mind and its capacity to live by truth or ignorance and also to live in disease or find healing and health. So the aryu of the unconscious also has neoplastic features and thank goodness because otherwise there would be a trap in time and space forever-and no possibility of enlightenment. The aryu is transformed by following the practice of Shedy and primarily Maat which leads to lightness and wisdom and enlightenment.


There is a difference between passive experiences of a dream and dynamic experience of real learning which requires interaction and cognition to deconstruct a teaching and then reconstruct it. Learning on TV or from pundits or from political leaders or religious preachers, or from ignorant parents, friends and teachers, etc., who are not evolved humans (through a process that leads to spiritual enlightenment) is passive and actually dulls the mind. The overload of inane information such as from facebook or twitter, etc. is also dulling to the mind. So adding these societal indoctrination issues (through socialization) to the depletion of agriculture and loss of vitamins and minerals in food, he increasing reliance of prescription and illegal drugs and no wonder why people are every year more dull, more fat and more diseased, and more easily manipulated, than previously. This is an example of how not to live and an aspirant is admonished to heed the warning of society’s failure to provide both physical and mental and spiritual nourishment to the exploited and impoverished members of the culture.