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patience-endure annoyance-struggle-hardship

A good summary of the basic elements of the teaching that were presented in this lesson.

About your statement: ” The Kemetic concept of divinity comes with the understanding that all are divine. This concept is supported by; if all things come from the same divine creation/ creative source and coming from this same source means we are a part of it. Being a part of divinity we also have the potential to be divine. Therefore, we all are obligated to Love all things. You can look at this the same way we understand family. Coming from the same parents you also resemble them in various ways. Those who come from the same family do what they can to uphold one another. You will find that the degenerative course of our world is because we don’t ascribe to the fact that all are results of the same divine creation.”


It is important to understand that as you have stated this ideal of seeing the Spirit, the Creator, in all –which is absolutely true in a spiritual sense, is not to be practiced in an absolute sense in the world of humanity. Why? Because the absolute relates to a field of vision that is transcendental. While the statement is correct it is still hardly fathomable by even an advanced spiritual aspirant since it can only be fully comprehended after transcending mind and senses. Therefore, in the world of practical realities, even though all is not only Created by but a manifestation of the same Divi9ne Self, even so, in the practical world there are differences not of essence for all human beings are kin, BUT the difference is in the psychology of the individuals based on the level of ignorance or wisdom present. This deviation from MAAT is the cause of untold hardships in human existence that even aspirants can fall victim to if they do not understand this issue correctly. So, while all are to be loved as expressions of the Divine, that does not supplant the need to approach life with wisdom and discern the wise from the ignorant, the ethical versus the criminal, etc. In this way Divine Love which is universal, extends compassion not through appeasement but through the discipline of ethical conscience that demands a life of truth for all and which requires responsibility with forgiveness that corrects the personality and leads it to enlightenment. This is to be applied to family and stranger alike and if it were so, the nepotism, favoritism, corruption etc of life that leads to degradation and suffering would be reduced in society. Nevertheless, whether society is righteous or not, the task of the initiate is to see life in this way and retrain the personality to have equal-vision and ethical conscience that leads to justice and peace and enlightenment.


Dua for your kind worlds about the efforts of Sebai MAA,