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Re Seba Dja Reply# 6305 to Elizabeth White post # 6240 Reading assignment Level 1 Lesson 2 Pgs 21-22

Udja Seba Dja,
Dua very much for explaining more with your additional thoughts and insights and advice. I do understand. I have to look about getting a USA visa as a practical step in being able to attend conferences. I had one but it expired 10 years ago and i just have not addressed renewing it, so that is something i need to do and I think currently with my role with my dad i have to see what is possible when it comes to being away at the moment.

I think we all feel as if we are in a safe space in this virtual temple to be open and share ..shortcomings and all..and to interact with Sebai Maa and yourself and to ask any questions, and i understand the benefit it may have in perhaps having a more established space.

I was thinking when you shared with us once about the experience that Sebai Maa went through re leaving the University because of what another professor was disputing re timelines, that the upheaval which it may have been, was similar to what my husband went through although not in an academic setting but in a business setting but which ultimately led him to focus full time on his path of herbal and yoga therapy which is his calling, and part of the authenticity i think, as with the virtual temple you have, is in people coming from far and near without really any promotion as such but who fit into place

To that extent i am in an environment here of those who are spiritually inclined and with whom I can share even if they have their own path, so this does provides good association, and then i build on that with what I am learning in these teachings and listening to lectures and reading the books and for the moment any online programs.
It seems I came upon Shetaut Neter by chance..not consciously (at least) going out seeking it so i do pay attention to that and it is interesting the different feelings you go though as an aspirant with it..i am not sure if others have felt the same..feeling completely drawn to it and many mental adjustments with the ideas at the beginning, and then that settling down, and then even questioning certain things and then the integral practices building the connection in a more personal way and then beginning to understand I am in that process and it is my nature to persevere with things so even as you said i have a varied background i really was not jumping from one thing to the next or even going out seeking them. It was more like walking into them along the path.
Dua again and HTP