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Shems Ua Netert

Level 1, Lesson #11A, Book assignment: pp. 155-168

The Daily Worship Program consists of ________________ worships during the day.

How should an aspirant think about their personal practice, how much importance to assign to it and what should they do about taking the time to make the threefold observances when at work, and home, around others who follow other traditions, or when nobody knows what they are doing?

An aspirant should make their personal practice a priority. The aspirant should assign the utmost importance to it, because spiritual development is the purpose of human existence. The aspirant should take the time to make the threefold observances even if only a short time is feasible each time. Making the threefold observances can be done even if in an environment that does not seem conducive, but it may require flexibility and creativity.

Choose an icon according to your spiritual ________________________.

Describe the “Hetep Slab”

The Hetep Slab is an offering table that is also a tantric symbol. The Hetep Slab is carved from stone, and has both male (thigh) and female (duck) symbols carved into the top. The symbol for Hetep or Supreme Peace (loaf of bread) is also carved into the top. (The slab with the carved images is a newer representation of the Offering Mat of predynastic times, which had the actual thigh, duck, and loaf of bread placed on top as offerings.) The top of the Hetep Slab also has grooves that channel the libations around the offerings toward the front center of the table, and then out of a section that protrudes from the table. When used in the hetep offering ritual, the hetep symbol refers to the satisfaction of the neters which comes from the unification of the male and female principles into the one Transcendental Being.

You should try not to come in to the ______________________harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, and so forth.


Write a brief essay on how to conduct oneself in the temple:

Before entering the temple, one should be cleansed in body, speech, and mind. One should bathe in order to cleanse the physical body. One should not utter harsh words, but if it has happened, one should resolve the issue before entering the temple- otherwise, one’s mind will be too agitated to properly receive the teachings. One should not enter the temple harboring negative thoughts such as anger, lust, or jealousy. Furthermore, one should not engage in sexual intercourse or eat meat before entering the temple- doing so would disrupt the experience of spiritual vibrations. One should leave worldly possessions, including cell phones, at the door or stowed away. All classes and/or other functions prescribed by the teacher should be attended. The classes should be conducted as prescribed; any deviations should be approved by the preceptor in order to avoid going astray. If at all possible, it is important to be guided by an authentic preceptor; doing so will result in guaranteed success in spiritual life.

Upon entering the temple, one should prostrate oneself before the divine image, and greet the priest and/or priestess. If the shrine is closed, one should prostrate oneself in front of the shrine, and then take a seat.

What is the meaning of the term Seba?

Seba means a star, illuminating force, or shining object.

Name the different ways one can sit in the temple.

One can sit in a simple cross-legged posture, or half-lotus or lotus position. One can also sit in a chair, with legs together and arms on the sides of the thighs. Or, one can sit on the ground as if in a chair, with feet on the floor and arms on the sides or with arms grasping one’s legs side to side and holding one’s legs together. Or, one can sit on one’s legs and heels. One’s back must be held straight, and feet should not extend toward the preceptor or divine image

Hygiene of your _______________, _______________, and of your _______________ are the three main concerns for an initiate.

Body, speech, and mind