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Seba Dja

Udja Elizabeth

I would also add the following.

Though our system is an authentic mystical path, it is not optimal in certain aspects, such as having a facility to physically meet for Khnumt nefer (good association) on a regular basis, beyond our annual conferences. Our temple is virtual. There are few practitioners in a given area, so often times unless aspirants start study groups in their own areas, there is little opportunity for khnumt nefer with others with similar interests.

Yet as we saw in that Buddhist video Anthony had shared, even the more supported spiritual groups have similar challenges. It seems to be the state of affairs of our historical time.

Sometimes aspirants need some physical good association…to be in the presence of others of like spiritual evolution…and this is okay, to attend spiritual programs of other groups that help meet these needs, to attend a group Hatha Yoga class, etc. But it should be with conscious awareness of which aspect of the Sema Tawi/Integral Yoga disciplines you are working on, and it should be supplemental to your main path, meaning that your primary efforts are directed towards your main path.

If that path is Shetaut Neter, then that means making sure you attend the conferences and other programs that offer any opportunity to be in the presence of the preceptor. If it is not Shetaut Neter, then similarly pursuing your main path, as you supplement with Shetaut Neter.

Especially for you with a varied background, if Shetaut Neter is to be your main path, you will find yourself filling your needs through what you have available to you…this may be chanting and other devotional practices and good association with your husband and the program you all have there. So for you, focusing on one system can still include your participation in such…as long as you are utilizing it for your Integral practice according to your determination of what you want to cultivate in your personality as opposed to blind faith…just following along with out a defined goal…then there is no contradiction.

This is what aspirants are essentially doing relative to the earth temple…whereby work/job and interactions in the world that would be ordinary mundane and worldly become a means to express the teachings as well as grow in the teachings. Your earth temple also includes the spiritual program you have there with your husband…

Let me know if you have any questions — in case I was not clear about what I was trying to express, but hopefully this elucidates my previous response a little more.

S. Dja