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This was a well done summary of the presentation. This course is meant to introduce the beginning aspirant to fundamental aspects of the Kemetic teaching which includes issues related to culture and its main components of history, mythology, religion, politics and comparative relations with other cultures. You have discerned the main intended issues conveyed and some of these are actually developed much further and leading into the main issue most important to the Kemet University which is the SEBAIT or Ancient Egyptian Philosophy of the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries.

Therefore, your posting has succeeded in reviewing these important issues.


About your question: “So my question is, as it pertains to the serpent power CD, the purifying of the centers and the chanting, is it beneficial to chant in the notes of the colors in the color scale and use colors that correspond to the sphere, I use to do this with tarot and their relation to various chakras and colors prior to being exposed to the teachings of Shetaut which resonates more with me than that system. When reading the serpent power book it mentions certain things that sparked the question, so I’m asking is this overstepping the bounds of safety within the Serpent power system and is it considered mixing systems? Also, should it not be done within the teaching being that I have not been initiated into Egyptian Yoga?”


This subject is covered in the book Serpent Power and is not necessarily part of this coursework though in general the practice of the SP is often engaged through concentration and meditation on the Sefek Ba Ra (7 psycho-spiritual energy centers) and it is a very ancient tradition of The Egyptian Mysteries. In India the Tantric and Serpent Power practice developed into using sound, colors, etc. Many people focus on such external practices but the SP does not work positively without internal physical, mental purity and advancement in philosophical understanding. In Ancient Egyptian practice the emphasis is on meditation on the spheres and in philosophical understanding of the psychology that each represent in a context of spiritual evolution that occurs through philosophical understanding and ego purity for there can be no progress with the SP if there is lacking purity of heart and wisdom.


About your statement: “There’s no person who does not have a culture, culture shows you who you are, what country you’re from, how you relate to others, your beliefs, etc. Culture is how you relate to the world. “


It is more accurate to say that culture shows a person “what” they are in the context of the culture itself. So a different culture shows a person a different reality. Therefore, no culture is absolutely real since they are all based on conditional realities. The Mystery spiritual teaching on the other hand shows a person “WHO” they are as opposed to “WHAT” and the who is the inner reality that does not change regardless of what culture a person is born or reincarnated into. Therefore, all people are the same in essence but not at the physical level in terms of culture. In terms of physiology all human beings are equally human but at the psychological level there are differences determined by aryu (karma-or psychological perspectives determined by past experiences in this and previous lifetimes); also the culture influences the psychology. Culture here includes all the influencing factors including political and religious demagogues, family and peer pressure, etc.


About your statement: “The actual name of the sphinx is Har M Akhet (Heru in the horizon) and it is the oldest monument in the world the vertical striations show water damage which could only have occurred about 10000 BC. “


The geological evidence determines that the water damage of the Great sphinx did not just occur at 10,000 BCE but that that would have been the last period of time that it could have happened since the rains stopped in sufficient quantities by that time. It would have taken longer to cause the damage since stone takes time to wear down so the date is 10,000 or earlier.


About your question: “so my question is do the darker peoples of the planet who acknowledge their roots in that darkness which manifests physically as melanin have greater access to the states of darkness mentioned in the teachings when it mentions things such as Nun being the primeval waters or Asar the Black God or the state of akhu mentioned in the evening prayer and how it relates to the statement there is a great darkness from the pert m hru?”


FIrstly the name should be written Djehuty and not Tehuti.

If there is any automatic relationship between melanin dense persons (darker skinned Africans for example) and the ability to have easier entry into perception of “the states of darkness mentioned in the teachings ” I have not seen that in my experience and the evidences of modern culture demonstrate that even “blue-black” people can be as degraded and cruel as the “whitest” european. What does this mean then? I have seen that peoples who live in a more natural and wholistically based way closer to nature, can experience more connection to nature which also opens a path to spiritual sensitivity. I also agree with the wisdom text Teachings of Meri Ka Ra that there is certainly a distinction between people who live in tropical zones and those whose culture developed in temperate and other zones, such as Asia (which includes Europe) because the ecology is harsher and tends to produce harsher cultures that feel competition and battle with nature as opposed to harmony and cooperation. So in general that is a pattern of culture and societies. However, even within those cultures which are termed Asiatic by the text, there are individuals with very light skin tone that have exhibited as elevated spiritual consciousness as any and it has been demonstrated that all human beings have melanin, though externally it varies due to the environment the human developed in over the past 20000 years. Nevertheless, if they developed in a harsh culture or if there was negative nutrition and or negative mental processes (such as stress, anger, hatred, etc.) persist, a person can develop calcification of the pineal gland and other issues that lead to spiritual and mental incapacities such as dementia, Alzheimers, delusions, sociopathy, lack of ethics, psychosis, etc. that disrupt melanin and other physiological processes necessary for the brain and mind to function properly and allow the capacity to be spiritually sensitive. The less sensitive the more potential for egoism, cruelty and degradation of culture and individuals, regardless of where they may be located and regardless of their ethnicity. The human body is a template and what we do with that is up to us and our aryu so it behooves to pursue a life of ethical conscience that will lead to conditions that are propitious for the pursuit of a life a fulfillment both secular and non-secular.



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