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I have a question regarding the Asarian Resurrection and the metaphor for spiritual practice. When the battle of Heru and Set came to a stale mate and went before the High Court of the Neteru, Asar vindicated Heru by sending a scroll stating all would be held accountable to Maat, meaning all of time and space. Heru was crowned ruler of Kemet and Set (ego) assumed the natural position as protector of Ra.

Yoga at my level relates to the battles between Heru and Set as defining the practice, which is a part of purifying and also necessary. As I read the myth Heru and Set, they are engaged in conflict until the High Court and the scroll from Asar take over; and this brings Heru and Set into proper relation.

In practice what brings the battle to a stalemate and brings in the High Court and Asar, how does an aspirant encourage that as a goal? Does this change represent enlightenment or the level that’s necessary to seriously practice yoga?