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Dua ELizabeth for your enlightened comments…Indeed, lack of Self love is a key issue in countries like Haiti and Jamaica where we are raised in an environment that promotes denigration of who we are culturally. Therefore, striving to progress spiritually and experiencing the divine within us is a sure path toward transcending the effects on the mind of the social constraints. So, for us, particularly in the Caribbean, there is a big struggle to find and reclaim our identity and, i believe following the path of Shetaut Neter will definitely promote full integration of our humanity.

I furthermore relate to your experience of a specific type of racism in the Caribbean which is also a consequence of the slavery and the continuous denigration of our Culture. This makes our struggle to attain NEHAST the ultimate goal as we do want to raise ourselves to our full potential as spirit and not entangled in the stereotype of affirming blackness against whiteness, etc…By resolving ourselves to attain Nehast, we will surely transcend the delusion of the mind and be able to affirm the true path out of ignorance and that is when we can help our fellow brothers and sisters to raise themselves above the stereotypes of racism and related consequences of anger, hatred, frustration, etc…