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Udja Jason, in reply to post #6229

Greetings. I very much appreciated Jasons sharing on practicing Om Amun Ra Ptah after work as a way to transition the mind from the more active state engendered by work in society. I also experience this and have found benefit from it. I do something similar in that I do the 4-min Shedy program by Seba Dja before practicing formal Ra-Neb ( in which I end with GLM Meditation.) The Om Amun Ra Ptah chant has been one of the most powerful for me because I reflect on the meaning while practicing and becoming aware of the witness-mind-object calms my mind and essentially creates the awareness that’s essential for serious meditation in my experience. Creates the separation between the agitated-dull state of ignorant understand and brings back a state of understanding that in turn brings back the teachings and what ive learned and realized up until this point. In the same thread…my main mantra for during day and inbetween formal practice times is ” Nuk Ba Ra” but often I find that Om Amun Ra Ptah mantra to still be even more essential for bringing back a higher state of consciousness and Nuk Ba Ra kind of represents a different vibration-understanding. So during the day at work or before formal meditation Om Amun Ra Ptah will take precedent over Nuk Ba Ra for periods of time in order to do that, especially during the day if I’m agitated OmARP will help me work through it more then NukBaRa but when my mind is calm either mantra works. So I just wanted to reinforce my experience is similar with Jasons and its been a good way for me to transition into formal practice or bring back a sense of awareness during day.