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As concerns the issue of “loving self” this topic was discussed at length in the series called “Kemetic Life Skills” (a separate course) where it was among other things taught that human beings seek out relationships and by this is meant relationships with people and objects of the world—that are sought to fulfill egoistic needs and those needs are caused by spiritual ignorance. In other words, one cannot truly love another unless one fully loves self first, otherwise the love is partial, egoistic and limited. When there is full self love then one can love another by choice and not in codependency so it is free and optional with capacity for manifesting fullness of love and caring. In this case “falling in love” or seeking out a partner or a fulfilling job, or fulfilling any desire through worldly actions is optional and not required for ones survival or thriving. Another way to understand it is: One cannot love self in a state of spiritual ignorance. Therefore, the ultimate self love is the discovery of the inner Divine Self that is universal and supreme for then it is also discovered that whatever one desires in the world of time and space is also composed of that – including oneself. Therefore, with that attainment there is no longer a need for desiring anything and all things desired are attained in the same Self that is already discovered. This eliminates entanglements, quandaries, anxieties over being accepted by others, loved by others and the futile seeking for approval and appreciation and love from others for one’s own self esteem and self acceptance, self-forgiveness, etc.; Also resolved is the issue of seeking to fulfill wild oats or career goals or disturbances over worldly injustices or apparent insane actions by other ignorant people. All fulfillments that were searched for in the illusory world of human ignorance and imperfections, which may be termed “co-dependencies”, are discovered to always have been in existence in and come from that same Divine Self and not in worldly relations or acquisitions or status. Therefore, the true goal of live that leads to true satisfaction, spiritual peace, honor and abiding happiness is one and the same, the path of self-discovery through the mystery teaching. When this conception guides life, and as purity in self-esteem improves, then a higher vision of live emerges wherein a deeper purpose in live reveals itself that allows manifestation of that deeper Divine Self producing a harmony of ego and spirit that leads to fulfilling the goal and purpose of life.