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A good posting

A few comments and corrections.

About your statement: “the Kemetic culture continued its decline, as the Steppes from the north, Genghis khan, the Visigoths and other north Asian invaders came in their culture continued its fall.”

There is no historical evidence that Genghis khan, the Visigoths invaded Ancient Egypt. It is correct to say that other north Asian people did come in and degrade the culture, such as the Greeks, Persians, Hyksos and later the Arabs.


About your statement: “. There are many supporting cultural factors for example Heru, Krishna, Christ are the same story told with different cultural over tones, but in essence are the same.”


When mentioning the mythic stories of these saviors it is important to add that though these are all savior figures of Ancient Egyptian, Hindu and Christian culture, there are important difference that should be understood and acknowledged for proper understanding and spiritual progress. Firstly, the latter two are derived from the former. Secondly, while the ultimate spiritual goal of each is the same their mythic story and specific wisdom paths are not the same and it does matter because they appeal to and affect different personalities. Furthermore, in the case of the Christian, the path has been changed from the original to such a degree that it is not relegated to partial religion and not a full religion containing myth, ritual and mysticism so it is not the same or equivalent story in terms of leading to the same outcome. So while in principle there are similarities that do make them comparable it is also important to be cognizant of the differences so as not to have the danger of dismissing the importance of the differences and historical changes and their real life effects on the followers and also not to confuse present day peoples who are interested and searching for a path and having them mistakenly come to believe that they are all equally as useful or that they contain the wisdom and knowledge of the others since that is not correct.


The use of the term ‘Karmatic” is more readily understood as “Karmic”.

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About your Question C)

When considering the changed throughout the Dynastic period of Ancient Egypt we see that there is an issue of invasions that degraded the culture but also there is a generational issue that was discussed in the Wisdom Texts. When foreigners attacked and succeeded in taking over Ancient Egypt over generations they enforced their culture and traditions just as for example in modern times African Americans do not see themselves as Africans and do not want to go back to Africa. This occurred after 2-3 generations. In modern times the USA culture has changed from the wisdom learned in the great depression whereby the laws to protect the economy were thrown out since greedy wall street and their minions in Washington though they were antiquated and unnecessary; Those people who changed the laws were not born in the time of the depression and forgot all about that misery even though all the books about the depression and buildings and monuments are all around.

These are examples. When the wisdom leadership of a culture is disrupted it does not matter what evidence remains since the descendants will be ignorant about its meaning and usage. So the idea is to protect that leadership and as you have rightly said, the “Ethics and Spiritual consciousness” for future generations who are not born wise but need to be taught the values and wisdom of the culture so as to uphold it and not fall into the ego delusion as modern culture has done.

Finally, in the case of Ancient Egypt, when the Christians and Muslims took over and became the majority population there was no chance to recover so there is also an issue of population numbers sustaining the language, politics and economics of the indigenous culture sufficiently in order to sustain it. More could be said on this issue but I think you should get the general thrust of the argument from the aforesaid.