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Seba Dja

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Thank you for providing further explanation of your previous statement: “the sage only interested in the elevation of his/her ego, .”

Re: “This comment was part of the side note, more so for my own understand of how each personalty has played a part in humanities current condition.”

Seba Dja Response:

The full understanding of what I will briefly try to explain is something that one understands and experiences in degrees as one advances on the spiritual path. It is based on the mystical teachings of Shetaut Neter and also of other authentic traditions.

Such understanding is lacking in much Western discussion of authentic mysticism and authentic sages especially when they are evaluated by non-mystics (authentic), ex. scholars. It is further obfuscated by many people who are not authentic sages or authentic mystics, but are classified or judged or labeled as such and then they become part of the equation that goes to produce a definition or explanation of what a sage is. I’m sure there are persons who some refer to as sages that fit into the roles you (Jung) described, however, by our standards such persons would not be considered as enlightened beings or authentic sages.

In authentic mystic circles, it is said that the world, with all its negative aspects, is kept afloat because of the meditations of enlightened beings; this is an allegorical expression of how they are viewed.

A sage…as wise person…if meaning an advanced aspirant, not yet having attained spiritual enlightenment, would be engaged in 4 aspects of spiritual practice, one which is Selfless Service and another is Devotion, which means Seeing and Serving the Higher Self (God, Goddess, Consciousness, Supreme Being) in others as in oneself. Thus, spiritual practice while leading one to a revelation of one’s true essence, also involves purification of the mind and being engaged in righteous actions, both of which serve others and elevate the individual and also the individual’s community and society and human kind.

Further a sage as an authentic spiritual aspirant is not interested in elevation of ego, but the opposite, the breaking down or removal of the ego which is also described as cleansing the mind of egoism and purification of the ego…removing all traces of selfishness, and when this is achieved she/he sees the oneness of all things beneath the seeming duality…referred to as double consciousness, and spiritual enlightenment.

At this point, the enlightened sage is considered to be “ego-less” or having a purified, self-less ego. Though operating in the world seemingly as any other personality, he/she is in tune with her/his transcendental Self, and can then become a source of instruction and inspiration for aspirants on the path, as well as put out “good vibrations” into the world. It is said that such an enlightened sage, just by her/his very being, which is expressing peace and joy of the Higher Self, even when not “doing anything” is doing more good than all the philanthropists combined, as they still have egoism. Actions done without egoism are the true good actions and true selfless service to humanity.

Seba Dja