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This was a deeply thoughtful reflection DamazALEXIS. I was thinking about what you said about self doubt and Sebai Maa’s response to you that many aspirants do go through similar struggles. I certainly did. I remember going through self doubt and struggles as a young adult- for example- not being able to say no without feeling guilty.

Something happened that created a change. I happened to meet a psychologist who was also psychic
In an unusual response when I was introduced to him, his immediate words to me almost like a command that I could feel went straight into my subconscious to effect a change were ‘when you start loving yourself all your problems will cease’

He said it with such force that the reaction I had was that it felt like someone had thrown a ball straight at my solar plexus but it certainly facilitated a shift in the idea of me understanding what loving of myself mean’t and to realize he was really saying loving ‘Self’

Also as Sebai Maa was saying re the deep impressions of these insecurities, I can see what ignorance can initiate this in people.

For example, in Jamaica I am considered light skinned ,but as you would know is the norm in the Caribbean, we have many nationalities in our personal heritage from Africa, India, Scotland etc. My husband is very dark brown skin.

I remember going with him to some meetings in a more corporate setting, and I did not have the understanding or the years of experience that he had, but I was the one they immediately began directing questions to..until they realized they had misjudged the situation.

So it is such a pity that such a limited way of thinking can infiltrate and cloud the true reality of beautiful souls.