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Behudet Maat

First video of lesson 1 lecture:
A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard: what is the book series? And how to approach them? These were the first questions, then the statement was made that people buy books and they sit on their shelves until the time is right when they are ready for them.
Egyptian yoga volume one came out in 1995 it is a primer of a kind, mother of all the books, every chapter has developed into another book 18 in all. Egyptian yoga volume 1 give prospective comparing various religions and their relation to shetaut neter it informs you of what initiation is all about, what religion is supposed to be. If after reading Egyptian yoga, you are still interested in kamitic spirituality and want to move forward, it was recommended by Dr. Ashby, to read the book Egyptian Mysteries. It gives you an entry into what the mysteries of African origins are. This set is broken up into three volumes. Part 1 African origins of African civilization and how it traveled, part 2 African origins of Western civilization and part 3 African origins of Eastern civilization, which is Hinduism, Buddhism etc. Then after these three books, in an organic way, they will start leading you to the next books. You will be led by your feelings as to which books to read next, based on your inclination by your spiritual evolution. When you read these books they will start guiding you, however, if you are still not guided, then go to Step 2. These are the nuts and bolts of the teachings, the others are philosophy. These are nuts and bolts on what to do tonight and tomorrow, to start your spiritual practice. The devotional worship book is one. The practitioner needs to practice in order to enlighten the personality and cleanse the heart.
Step 2. How to start shedy (spiritual disciplines) of Kamitian. Shedy are the spiritual disciplines that a practitioner needs to follow, to practice in order to enlighten their personality, to cleanse the heart, to be lead to grow in wisdom. This includes doing the postures and devotional program, acting with righteousness, order, and truth along with the practice of meditation. Also, the proper intake of food and supplements. Shedy is a program of studies and disciplines to help you penetrate the mysteries. People think that they can just get some books and read them, and then they think they understand the teachings and that they have evolved. However, when they are tested by life like when your wife stresses you and you want to scream then the truth comes out that you haven’t spiritually evolved. This is because the books are the next step in your spiritual practice. The books cannot tell you when you are wrong or that your understanding is incorrect based on your personal thoughts and feelings, therefore, you need guidance from a spiritual preceptor. The teachings of Aset is the teachings of wisdom. The initiate gives themselves up entirely to the study, reflection and meditation on the teachings and listening to the teaching of these divine truths which speak of the divine nature. It was stated look at yourself today, do you give yourself entirely to this process of listening, study (reflection), and meditation? An example is a basketball or football player. They play their sport all day long. They study the game all day long and when not playing they are thinking about it and dreaming about it and become experts at it. How are you going to do that with Shedy if you do not do as those athletes with your Shedy disciplines? Even though we are in an insane culture and we have to go to work and have a lot to do, we have to make a way. Some disciplines have been enjoined to help that process, the formal and informal process. Maat purifies your ethical conscious, Aset the wisdom purifies your intellect, and devotion purifies your feelings so you can start devoting to a higher purpose in life as opposed to the lower purposes and when you’re not formally meditating you are informally meditating. This will lead to higher aspects of the mind, you have 9 aspects of your being. The books that discusses this are the book of Isis, introduction to Maat philosophy, and the book Meditation the Ancient Egyptian path to enlightenment as well as The Kamitic diet. We need to cleanse the cells of our body through eating food of a higher vibration because eating foods of lower vibrations causes dullness to the personality which stagnates ones progress in the teaching. Initiation into Egyptian yoga book talks about what initiation is in the initiations process. The devotional worship book deals with aspects of devotion and chants. The Divine Love book is a treatise of devotional love and how that transforms the personality. Devotional love is a love for the divine higher consciousness. When doing the movements of the gods and goddesses, there are three levels: Level 1: the physical level, Level 2: the mystic level of practice, and Level 3: meditative practice. There are five phases: Phase 1. the creation phase, Phase 2. the earth phase, Phase 3. the transition phase, Phase 4. The higher self-phase, and Phase 5. the establishment phase. Tjef Neteru is not just a physical benefit practice, it is for physical evolution. The serpent power and sacred sexuality books are not about sex yoga, its tantric philosophy. Tantra means to connect, the use of metaphors and symbolism of sexuality between male and female as a means to use the power of sex energy for transformation using the serpent power called Arat Sekhem in our kamitic yoga system. This teaching is only for the initiated to the books are only introductions, however, the higher teaching is only for the initiated so when does not hurt themselves. It was stated that people often talk about soulmates, soulmates is a misnomer. You don’t walk with your mate into the inner shrine. Your true soul mate is Asar. A follow up book from Egyptian proverbs book is African proverbs. These proverbs are actually an epitome, like the top of a pyramid as it relates to African wisdom along with how to act with ethics. Ethical conscience is important because it is the foundation of spiritual life. True civilization is not specifically or solely related to technology. You can have cars, airplanes, create bombs etc. but that does not constitute civilization. Civilization is something that allows human beings to exist in harmony, or at a rate of harmony. Civilization means you are not barbarous, that you are not war like, that you are not insane. This society is insane, its leaders are insane, and the scientists are insane doing the same thing and expecting different results. In the same manner people are continuously procreating before trying to fix society bringing babies into a crazy world and they are out of control due to the urge which tantric yoga teachings explains.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why: the most important part of the lecture was the explanation given by Seba Dja where she said ” It’s not that the virtues aren’t important, it’s that once you acquire them, from there you transcend the virtues, in that you are still are a good person, meaning you aren’t going to go back to doing the negative things. You have achieved a higher level of being, which is your higher self. So from there, that will allow you to transcend. The difference is people who do good deeds for something in return like doing good deeds to be happy, to feel happy, if you are still getting happiness from something that you are doing, then that’s not enlightenment. You want to BE happiness. You don’t want happiness to be associated with something you are doing, however, in the beginning it allows you to purify, but you don’t want to get stuck there. Some people keep volunteering and volunteering and they never take time to do the other practices so the virtues can become a passion, studying the teachings can become a passion, doing good deeds can become a passion and that is shifting from the worldly values to the spiritual values and that is important.” I hope I quoted her correctly. This was very important in my opinion because it cautions against extremism in any of the aspects of the shedy disciplines and promotes a balanced mentality within the practitioner.

C-Note any questions you may have: when you mentioned about the higher teachings of the serpent power being only for the initiated that’s understandable. My question is related to the colors of the spheres and sounds. In the past I’ve studied about sound and color and that each color relates to a key on the musical scale for example red would be C on the musical scale, orange would be D, yellow would be E and so on. So my question is, as it pertains to the serpent power CD, the purifying of the centers and the chanting, is it beneficial to chant in the notes of the colors in the color scale and use colors that correspond to the sphere, I use to do this with tarot and their relation to various chakras and colors prior to being exposed to the teachings of Shetaut which resonates more with me than that system. When reading the serpent power book it mentions certain things that sparked the question, so I’m asking is this overstepping the bounds of safety within the Serpent power system and is it considered mixing systems? Also, should it not be done within the teaching being that I have not been initiated into Egyptian Yoga?
Second video of lesson 1 lecture:
A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard: The class was on introduction to African Civilization, Religion and philosophy the Kamitic proverb “Our people originated at the base of the mountain of the Moon at the origin of the Nile” Egyptian proverbs.
-The lecture relates to the ancient Egyptians.
-who were the ancient Kamites and Nubians
-Why is it important to know?
-flowering of African culture
-Downfall of civilization
The three most important aspects that allows society to function:
1. Civilization 2. Religion 3. Philosophy
Dr. Ashby asked if the audience join yet? The question was in reference to the Fraternities and Sororities. If they become part of the group yet? Following blindly with their Coca-Cola? The Coca Cola reference was based on a poster that had symbolism of an Eskimo who was blind, deaf and dumb and he was leading his family with that soda. Dr.Ashby mentioned the section of the Kamitic origins of Greek philosophy, Greek orders and how those orders are based on borrowing from ancient kamitic society and he also referenced a book that talks about it by Cheikh Anta Diop entitled “African origins of civilization”. Then Dr.Ashby also known as Sebai MAA said if you didn’t join up I’m so proud of you, if you did join up then you need to reconsider. Sebai Maa stated that he wants us to start thinking for ourselves and not join things blindly. Dr.Ashby informed the class of the difference between Kamitic symbolism and Greek symbolism is that the Greek culture is a culture of enjoyment, egoism and excess while the Kamitic culture is a culture of philosophy and of thought. We were cautioned that when you look at symbols you have to be aware and critical. This is because symbols are affecting you in many ways you are unaware of on subconscious levels. Some of the ways that symbolisms are affecting society in a negative way is that people are angry, violent and the degrading of women. In ancient African culture its symbolism was balanced and based on male and female being equal, as well as leadership being equal with both genders. Also in terms of spirituality with male and female were equal and based on Kamitic philosophy, and philosophy dictates culture. The question was posed asking how is it that all humanity came from Africa? And what’s the difference between ancient Africans and modern Africans of the Diaspora and Africans?
It has been shown that before this last ice age that occurred about 15,000 years ago there were people who moved out of Africa and settled in Asia and Europe when there was an ice bridge in the Aleutian Islands between Siberia and Alaska people were able to cross on foot to the Americas. Also it has been shown that Homosapiens emerged 150,000 years ago and Central Africa in the Great Lakes region today called Kenya. The Nile River begins at Mount Kilimanjaro. The ice melts and creates the waters of the white and blue Nile. The people along the Nile River were called Nilotic people and they were dependent on the annual flooding of the Nile to be able to plan their planting and sowing of seeds. This gives rise to the understanding of regularity of life and consistency of nature something that does not happen and tropical regions of Africa where rains are constant and so is the abundance, so those people don’t have to think about regularity. This is what modern African sociologist have pointed to as the reason for the complacency of the people in these tropical regions of Africa. Louis Leakey discovered the bones of Lucy believed to be at the time the oldest bones on the planet and it has been proven that all humanity comes from one ancestry, AFRICAN, regardless of skin color physical appearance or race. Race is an illusion. It’s a concept to control people. The purpose of culture is not to differentiate people, it’s a byproduct of culture but not its purpose. The purpose of culture is to give you a window of reality. One’s Culture is like putting on sunglasses to look through the world, the glasses of the different cultures have various things that distort the views through the lenses one uses to see. So people see the world from the views of African, Siberian, and Alaskan etc. perspectives. An example given was that of the wood used to make drums in different lands, the wood makes the sound of one drum different from that of another from a different region which influences the culture. The lecture shifted to talking about cultural myths and Joseph Campbell a well-known mythologist who has a documentary called “The Power Of Myth” has shown that even though each cultures myths are different than another’s they’ve developed a “perennial philosophy”. A Perennial Philosophy is a philosophy that underlies all cultures and all myths. As humans we have one underlying desire and that desire is to know Self, and our myths are surrounded by this desire, but they are not the same nor have the same origin. The question was posed saying “But how can we show that the Greeks got the common kamitic aspects of their myths from the kamitic myth?” The answer to this is included and the answer to the question why is it important to know? Joseph Campbell in his hero of a thousand faces talked about the mask of culture. How culture is actually a mask, but this culture is not a reality in fact it’s a manufactured reality. There’s no person who does not have a culture, culture shows you who you are, what country you’re from, how you relate to others, your beliefs, etc. Culture is how you relate to the world. When you transcend culture that is when you “Know Thyself”. Your higher self is beyond culture. Once you Know Thyself then you discover other human beings are also the Self. Science confirms this through genetics, Anthropology, Genealogy etc. We are from the same source we are all brothers and sisters, called Sa(brother) and Sat(sister) in Ancient Kamit and this is what confused Egyptologist in their thinking that Ancient Egyptians practiced incest because they didn’t and don’t realized the ancient Egyptians recognize the relationship of all humanity regardless of skin color, eyes, or region. Our ability to produce regardless of various hues and shades shows us we are one. As soon as we stop affirming this misconception of separation, that we are not all related, once we stop denying our oneness we will have a better world. We are all African in essence and if this is the truth what has caused the situation we are in today? The answer is ignorance. The actual name of the sphinx is Har M Akhet (Heru in the horizon) and it is the oldest monument in the world the vertical striations show water damage which could only have occurred about 10000 BC. The fact that the sphinx is limestone makes it possible to date it, in contrast to granite of the pyramids. The Lion body and human head symbolizes someone who has mastered the lower nature and their intellect, their higher nature or the serpent on the head of the Sphinx. The Sphinx Temple is the oldest temple in the world. The Sphinx facing east lined up with the Leo constellation around 10,500 BC. Kamitic culture wore the same head dress as the Sphinx with the serpent on the forehead, it means that spiritual consciousness has reached the mind. Some of the symbols of the ancient Kamitic zodiac are the Ram, Bull and Lion. The headdress means the worship of the Spirit in the form of Heru (of Ra) goes all the way back to 30 BC and back before 10,000 BC. Kamit already had “high culture”, Religion, Spirituality and philosophy while the people of Europe were still in caves. There was no other “high culture” in the world that was known not in Asia, India or Africa. All other cultures have drawn from ancient Egyptian civilization, but that doesn’t make the other cultures civilizations this includes Christians, Jews, Hindus etc. New radiocarbon dating on organic material between the stones (since you cannot date the stones) of the pyramid have shown the date as 374 years older then what the textbooks say the pyramids are. This is important because it dismisses the notion that ancient Kamit developed at the same time as Sumerian culture and that ancient Kamit got its language and ideas of civilization from the Sumerians. Ancient Egypt is the flowering of African culture. Just as in essence we are all Africans, the essence of all religions have their origins in Africa. Hebrews were not slaves they were one group under ancient Egyptian rule and they did not build the pyramids. Even the worst estimated date of the pyramids by Europeans date them at 2300 BC the first Jewish person Abraham was supposed to have existed 2000 BC., which was hundreds of years later.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why: one of the most important points that resonated with me during this lecture was the quote from African origins of civilization by Cheikh Anta Diop ” the history of black Africa will remain suspended in air and cannot be written correctly until African historians dare to connect it with the history of Egypt. In particular, the study of languages, institutions, and so forth, cannot be treated properly; in a word, it will be impossible to build African humanities, a body of African human sciences, so long as that relationship does not appear legitimate.” The reason why this is so important to myself is because from where I stand I’ve noticed that there has been a concentrated effort to keep the fact that the ancient Egyptians were Black African in origin who migrated from Ethiopia and that Egypt is actually in Africa as a part of the continent. Most people of African descent here in America especially the younger generation think that Egypt is in the Middle East and that the Ancient Egyptians look like they are portrayed in the movies. This creates a disconnect for African Americans in every aspect of their personality within this current culture, more especially in their spirituality due to the indoctrination of Christianity as it’s practiced today which condemns African spirituality and any other spirituality outside of Christianity likewise most religions that are lacking mysticism within its practice. This causes the ignorance which makes them denigrate and condemn Ancient Egyptian People as Black Africans as well as our Culture, Philosophy and spirituality even though these are the source of their existence and everyday practices.

C-Note any questions you may have: I’ve done some reading on melanin and I’ve read that it’s produced by the pineal gland and this includes the abundance of melanin in skin color of darker skinned peoples of the planet which has been stated in my readings to have various unique qualities. In the book about this called why darkness matters by Edward Bruce Bynum he states “We asked how does consciousness interact with or is implicated in the neurodynamics of neuromelanin and neurogenesis or the growth of new neural cells.” “We wondered how the “inner” warm dark matter of neuromelanin was related in any way to the “outer” ‘cold dark matter’ of the cosmos.”
“We do sense that in some way this dark living innermost aspect of us is resonate with the vast dark matter that seems to compose the external universe.” And “Certain questions were raised but certainly not answered in the book such as exactly what is consciousness and how is the bioluminosity of neuromelanin related to the “inner light” perceived and made reference to in innumerable psychospiritual traditions and experiences across the world. We do sense that in some way this dark living innermost aspect of us is resonate with the vast dark matter that seems to compose the external universe. ‘As above, so below; as within, so without’ is a confession and principal of the ancient Hermetic corpus, as is the maximum that ultimately ‘All is Mind’. This was the revelation of the primogenitor Tehuti on the banks of the Nile by the pyramids over 5000 years ago that set the stage and has guided humankind on its present course of scientific and philosophical thought.” So I understand that we are all related and that all people produce neuromelanin, it appears that the first people on the planet who had literally black skin had more of a connection to the universe so my question is do the darker peoples of the planet who acknowledge their roots in that darkness which manifests physically as melanin have greater access to the states of darkness mentioned in the teachings when it mentions things such as Nun being the primeval waters or Asar the Black God or the state of akhu mentioned in the evening prayer and how it relates to the statement there is a great darkness from the pert m hru?