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Firstly, consider that the biological age is not the same as the chronological age. Of course there is an intervening issue of aryu. However, there is also the scientifically proven issue of epigenetics whereby the genetics of the past do not have to determine the fate of the future because a person can redirect the aryu and thereby be the architect of their destiny. So, if your diet of body mind and soul is wholesome then you can not only expect longer life but qualitative life. So not only might you live to be 95 or 100 or more? but you can have mental lucidity also. Nevertheless, that is still not so much the point as getting it done sooner than later. This means valor like that demonstrated by Heru in the battle, his relentless pursuit of victory over Set, which he undoubtedly learned from his mother’s relentless pursuit of the pieces of Asar. Next consider that in the teaching of the PertmHeru we are to understand the three fates that are possible after death: heart heavier than the feather, heart even, heart lighter; these are reflected in the teaching of Sa Asar as well. If there is sufficient purity there is the possibility of remaining in the Astral plane, not coming back and continuing the spiritual journey to its conclusion from there and not returning to the physical plane. Yet, think of Aset’s reflections, she might say: “well that’s ok, but why not go all the way even now?”


“Men and women are to become God-like through a life of virtue and the cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily discipline.”



While there are many concerns in a person’s life lived in the world, spouse, children, bills, health, etc. The keys have been given through many paths, PertmHeru, Temple of Aset, Asarian Resurrection, etc. for your choice -and they are the same in different ways, though the activation is the same in all, Rech, Uashu, Khak-Ab, Antet Begag with An chen – wisdom teaching with the force of divine feelings pursued with dispassion for the world in a integral/coordinated manner without being discouraged and without stopping. This is a rendition of the scientific formula, understanding and applying (shedy) through which success is assured.