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I would also add that the issue of emotions as being relegated to a slave instead of master of intellect is that a wise human being should learn to be analytical and objective when reviewing situations – of course – as much as possible. Then, when a situation has been properly analyzed, not with rationalization but with good sense and honest appraisal using maat as a standard, then a decision can be arrived at with clarity of mind. At this point feelings and their attending emotions can be allowed to come in and support the decision. That emotional content serves to bolster the decision and provides strength from the deeper regions of mind to forge ahead towards the goal. So, in this way intellect and emotion are used to tread the path of life and this should be the proper balance as opposed to the path of ordinary worldly human beings who make decisions emotionally first and then later rationalize the decision and follow paths they know are wrong but that they have forced themselves to believe and invest their feelings in. Then in an attempt to not hurt their feelings they press on in failed, fraudulent or even illegal or evil actions so as to not lose face, feel shame, face failure, or lose the basis of meaning they have assigned for the action in their lives. Example: a person sends their son to fight in Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction assured by the president to be there but when not found the rationalization is the death of the son was worthwhile because Saddam was a tyrant; that rationalization is to, instead of outrage, facing own error, and lashing out at the liar president to establish truth and justice. The rationalization path leads to degraded culture, corruption, disease and death, as we have seen in the last 20 years.