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Lesson 3

A.) The Egyptian “Empire”, by “empire” we don’t mean the roman ideal, but rather a civilization, that spreads its culture of ethics and spiritual consciousness across many lands, in this case, from Nubia to Europe to India. Do to the forgetfulness as discussed from lesson 2, the base (ethics and spiritual consciousness) of the Kemetic civilization greatly diminished over time. Their temple’s stone where used to create Christian churches, their rule by temple elders gave way to rulers based in Royalty ( power) and army. Of course there where foreign threats such as the Hyksos who ruled Egypt for a while, in order to prevent this from happening they became more militant and took over surrounding land, this lead to the expansion of “empire.” Being one of the first world cosmopolitan, they allowed many cultures intermarriages, new philosophies and ideas into their empire. These outside influences had a major effect of their base spiritual philosophy . Ideals such as multiples wives, pleasure seeking, orthodoxy, and other philosophies, effected the majors areas of cultural expression.

You must have culture to understand the world or reality you live in. Reality can be expressed in 3 forms: 1. Physical 2. Image 3. Name. Culture helps us view the world through a window. Do to the outside influences and forgetfulness the ancient Kemetic lost their base of Ethics and Spiritual consciousness. If these 2 cultural aspects remain intact, all else is fine, but because these 2 keys factors were lost, the Kemetic culture continued its decline, as the Steppes from the north, Genghis khan, the Visigoths and other north Asian invaders came in their culture continued its fall. With the base of Ethics and Spiritual consciousness forgotten, their religious practices, their government practices and educational system where all effected.

Today, because of the Egyptian empire we see the roots of many cultures with similarities, these connection are undeniable. There are many supporting cultural factors for example Heru, Krishna, Christ are the same story told with different cultural over tones, but in essence are the same. Actually the Egyptian’s say their culture came from the homeland of the Gods, Nubia. We have many examples of how todays culture have been effected by the loss of this base (Ethics and Spiritual consciousness). We have Enron, WorldCom, the stock market crash on 1920’s, 1980’s Saving & loans crash, the 2000 Dot Com burst, the 2008 Financial Crises are all manifestations of the imbalance do to the forgetfulness of this base (Ethics and Spiritual consciousness).

But we should not worry even if we destroy this world, souls will incarnate somewhere else.

Video Discussion questions: What is absolute? In humanity we are energy or light. Strip away culture, strip always nationality, strip away gender, strip away race our essence is the same.
Because all souls come from the same source (god head) in its infinite ability to create, we are all connected, but because of Karmatic Biases no 2 souls are alike
What is the ultimate reality behind creation? All is one

B) What concepts where most important?
I think the base (Ethics and Spiritual consciousness). No matter what the religion is, what races intermarry or where they come from as long as this spiritual philosophy remains your culture will be fine. Once this is lost all else goes with it

C.) Questions?
I know intermarrying and bringing in different philosophies played a part in the Kemetic culture losing their spiritual philosophy, but with temples and pyramids and all the other monuments and achievements as a constant reminder how did they forget? Where there other factors? I know we spoke about the different ages or Yugas before, do you think they played a part in the forgetfulness?