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It is good of you to remind me that this post was missed. It probably happened because the posts started going in out of sequence.


About your statement: “Ra then let her know that his true name can only be known by being one with him and that not even the gods and goddesses know his true name.


This section of the myth brings up a point that was alluded to earlier in the myth where Aset was reasoning about following the people, gods and goddesses, or the Akhu Shepsu. This factor of the gods and goddesses being ignorant about the true name of Ra would have been foremost in her mind when deciding on the best path. It means that in a philosophical sense, the gods and goddesses are not beings different from humans in their aspect of self-knowledge. They are higher beings in terms of the plane in which they live and their level of power since they live on a subtler plane but nevertheless they are just as ignorant as humans. Therefore they can be susceptible to “egoism” and Set is a prime example of this but there are others, including Apep and their minions. This is a very big point.


About the statement: “Another insight was that Aset truly represent all that is, she was able to accomplish so much in the world, a minuscule of which a human being today in pursuit of worldly goals would love to have, and she was still unsatisfied, still unmoved. “


This was an interesting statement because there are many people in the world and sometimes they are referred to as “renaissance man” or “renaissance woman”, people who are very accomplished, who may obtain several college degrees, may know several languages, may have lived in many countries, may be experts in many areas, etc. But all the while they still remain susceptible to the foibles of human existence, in other words, egoism. Nevertheless they are not satisfied and even if they could do more, which is already more than ordinary mortals, they would still not be satisfied. They are exceptional, for sure, but still within the realm of time and space and illusion and therefore this is also not the goal, though several aspects can be helpful to a fulfilling life that is conducive to the higher goal of life. For, otherwise, all those activities and accomplishments can also serve to distract from the deeper meaning of life. However, having said that, just as there are dull people living under bridges and accomplishing nothing the renaissance person accomplishes more and they are on the other end of the spectrum. They are examples of what is possible but that is their aryu to live and work through so they may also be able to move towards enlightenment at some point. And of course this would have been a prescient calculation in Aset’s mind while making her decision about which path to follow.