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RE: There are 3 fundamental human needs: Food, Shelter and a Boat, which stand for substance, a home so one won’t be a nomad with a survivalist mentality and the ability to grow as a human being. These teachings come from 2 books, the 42 principles of MAAT and the Book of the Dead. The Rulers or in the case of ancient Egypt, the Council of elder’s job was to make sure everyone had these 3 fundamental needs.

Seba Dja Response:

Here is the Excerpts of Chapter 331 of the Pert M Heru From contemporary papyri on this:
1. I have lived by righteousness and truth while on earth. I live in righteousness and
truth; I feed upon right and truth in my heart. I have done what is required to live in
harmony in society and the gods and goddesses are also satisfied that I have
worshipped rightly.
2. I have done God’s will. I have given bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothes
to the clotheless and a boat to those who were shipwrecked. I made the prescribed
offerings to the gods and goddesses and I also made offerings in the temple to the
glorious spirits.
3. Therefore, protect me when I go to face The God.

Ny (Yes), your expression of the importance of the 3 fundamental humans needs and the lack of these being met in our current “dominant” societies/cultures and the result of this being the social, economic and spiritual crisis that is occurring is quite on point, especially when compared to the longevity of the spiritually based, mystically based, culture of Ancient Egypt/KMT which provided for these needs.

In modern times, Bhutan still has consideration of what they refer to as their GNH, Gross National Happiness Index, although they too are becoming more and more influenced by the western cultures:

Also, the phrase in the prayer from the Book of Enlightenment (Book of the Dead) on providing a boat to those who were shipwrecked is also explained as providing opportunity to those who do not have it.

S. Dja

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