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Seba Dja

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I would also like to welcome you to to the program. Sebai Maa has answered your questions quite thoroughly above, and I will add to his answer relative to the comment I made in the vide.

Re: In your video, Dr. Karen Dja spoke about lower vibrational entities and that you had to be on their level of vibration for them to affect you? Is the purpose for these lower vibrational entities to teach us?

Seba Dja response: We live on the earth school with souls of many different levels of spiritual maturity. Unfortunately, our schools in this general world culture (general means I’m generalizing) primarily emphasize lower levels of studies more attuned to living in this world as a solid reality and as if we all only have one life to live. In other words, the general world is mostly a-mystical (lacks mysticism which is the 3rd and uniting level of religion, the aspect of religion that leads to the attainment of Nehast, Enlightenment). Of course there are certain subculture groups and religions that maintain their mystical roots, but their members are often times being pulled by the “general” world culture as well…and thus, the expression of the mystical in general culture is not prevalent, and if anything, is ignored, except by the enlightened teachers and ardent followers within those subcultures.

So, just like one is surrounded by people of different levels of education and spiritual evolution/development, children in pre-K that test you have to sit next to them on an airplane, teenagers acting out badly, and adults acting in unrighteous ways, etc., for one who is immersed in mystical practice (seeking to attain Nehast), all of these are not only tests, but opportunities to recognize one’s shortcomings and know what one needs to work on, and also when one has become proficient in a certain area, opportunities to act in that higher vibrational manner (ex. act with righteousness, etc.).

Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Teachings:

“It takes a strong disciple to rule over the mountainous thoughts and constantly go to the essence of the meaning; as mental complexity increases, thus will the depth of your decadence and challenge both be revealed.”

“Virtues fail that are frustrated by passion at every turn.”

“As a rock on the sea shore, stand firm, and let not the dashing of the waves disturb you. Raise your head like a tower on a hill, and the arrows of fortune drop at your feet. In the instant of danger, the courage of your heart will sustain you, and the steadiness of your mind beareth you through.”

“All that exists on earth is an incarnation of the real essence from the non-material realm.”

Seba Dja