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Seba Dja

January 27, 2016 at 9:53 am #6190


RE: the sage only interested in the elevation of his/her ego

Seba Dja Response:

In your side note, I was in general agreement with your analysis of the current state of affairs: ” We are now in a society of deep forgetfulness due to our complacency, we allow the murder of others for their resources, so we have cars, houses ( materials and jobs. By each archetype, let’s call it, not refusing unethical behavior, we have a unbalanced society. By the warrior not refusing to kill others for their resources, by the Scholar not willing to challenge old ideas in face of new evidence, by the priest wanting power over truth, by the king wanting riches and power over serving the needs of his people, the artist creating soulless or low vibrational art for profits, the sage only interested in the elevation of his/her ego, and finally the server, serving the interest of those not aligned with nature. We all have contributed to the devolution of society…..” until I came to the part about the sages.

I am curious about your inclusion of sages only interested in their elevation of their ego in this analysis, which is primarily an analysis of what is wrong in society.

Could you please expound on your view of this? I would like to clearly understand your perspective or to what you were specifically referring if it was something that was on the video, before I comment.

Seba Dja