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“When the student is ready then the teacher comes to fill the ears with wisdom”

Udja Semauiba

I am pleased you were able to join and found your way around the site and were able to post in the discussion forum. This was a good description of the lecture. This is Discussion Forum for Audio assignments #2. Keep in mind that you can visit the forum #1 for research purposes and there you will find a large wealth of wisdom. We just closed that forum to new entries but it can still be opened and viewed. The best way to study those valuable resources is to look at previous entries from others who have done the same assignment you are working on and then also look at the feedback they received.

As, you have stated, do some aspect of the teaching every day and allow the understanding and disciplines to grow with you organically and naturally. Eventually your own capacities and affinities will reveal themselves and you will be able to follow a dynamic spiritual practice that is not a burden but a benefit leading to growing inner development.


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