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On your statement: “The practice of religion and yoga at the lower levels only leads to dogmas and intellectualism instead of spiritual enlightenment.”


“If thy love thy Self, thou shalt have intellect, and having intellect thou shalt share in the knowledge of spiritual mysteries. Knowledge of spiritual mysteries will lead to love and love to salvation.”



I would also add, the dogmas and intellectualism lead to religious internal and societal conflict and literalism in the interpretation of the mythic teachings. Dogmas also harden the ego. Intellectualism intensifies pride and distorts the feeling of the teaching; leading to a proprietary, segregational and cruel perspective. So it is all around a very negative development in the religious experience and constitutes a certain downfall of religion and of society as well. Lucid intellect understand with feeling and dry intellectualism is a product of narrow vision and egoistic determinacy.


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