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“O praise the goodness of the Supreme Being with songs for thanksgiving, and meditate in silence on the wonders of HIS and HER love; let thy heart overflow with gratitude and acknowledgment, let the language of thy lips speak praise and adoration, let the actions of thy life show thy love to Universal Law.”


I believe you or some others had asked about meditation practice a few weeks ago in the Wednesday night chatmeetings. This important practice should be understood in a useful context so as to have the best capacity to work as desired. Many people have misconceptions about meditation practice especially in its higher more advanced wisdom. So it is a discipline that needs ongoing discussion and instruction as the practice is engaged in order to hone the understanding and the practice.


About your statement: “I must rise beyond my conditioned mind and sense in order to perceive reality as it is. Yoga combined with meditation allows one to constantly turn away from the present past and past life conditioning.”


The statement is correct and in addition, the conditioning of mind is the sum-total effect of the aryu in the unconscious level. As such the practice of yoga and meditation serves to provide first an alternative to externalized consciousness and when yoga and meditation more fully un-condition the mind then they are no longer needed for serving that function and indeed the personality assumes a yogic/meditative outlook that affords automatic perception of reality as it is beyond the conditioned ego mind. This is of course an advancing ideal to be striven for by first understanding the ideal and then striving for it.