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Seba Dja

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Re: In regards to food offerings:

1. Do we offer the food we are going to eat, and what is the best way to do this not eat it for 24 hours for example or can a morning offering of oranges be ate for lunch?

Seba Dja: Ny…it can be eaten…right away or you can leave it on alter for an exteded time eg. for 24 hours.

2. If I am doing noon day worship for example at my school library or another place where I may not have candle incense and food offering, do I still use the offering formula as a verbal offering?

Seba Dja: Ny…you would still offer verbally or mentally…depending of if you can chant out loud…and also, hold the images mentally. As far as candle, there are the battery operated tea light sold at the Dollar stores. Food can be an almond nut, and incense can be a dab of essential oil like sandalwood on your finger tip (just like women may put a dab of perfume on…as long as not too strong to affect the whole library). But the mental images are also to be used in such circumstances…which means you can practice your Shedy worship anywhere and any time.

S. Dja