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Behudet Maat


As per the instructions given for after watching the lecture I’m submitting my responses to A.B. and C.

A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard: The most important themes I heard during the lecture discussed genetics and that in essence we are all Africans. Cheikh anta Diop’s name was mentioned during the lecture and the fact that the same things he was talking about in the sixties relating to the acceptance of the realities of the African origins of civilization we are still having to present these truths today due to the propagation of people who will claim the origins of civilization from Europe Greece Rome and anywhere other than Africa but the evidences for their claims are ridiculous at best and preposterous at worst, however, with the so-called evidence they present the more it appears to be real with creates a self-fulfilling reality that is called “delusion”, thus we have a deluded society and academia we must overcome. The question was asked “what was a major contributing factor to the downfall of Africa and specifically Kametian civilization?” The answer to this question was given in the explanation that the breakdown in the order of society happens because of forgetfulness of what the sages the priest and priestesses identify as forgetfulness of Ethics, morality, righteousness and truth which causes the downfall of society. When people elevate to a certain point economically, politically, etc but their morality fails or lack of maturity like the U.S which is only 200 years old which isn’t enough time to develop in philosophy. In relation to the statement it was said that another problem is not having enough challenges and suffering, that you shouldn’t say evil shouldn’t exist evil is necessary for challenges and developing aspiration for finding more than just since pleasures such as television, food, etc. Due to our forgetfulness of the pyramid text (which gave rise to the Prt M Hru), wisdom text, this philosophy started to wane, Society starts to implode, greed starts to take over and there’s a moral degradation and there’s a negative chain reaction. People aren’t voting, the founding fathers put in the electorial college to stop us from having control over the country how do we know this and are accepting this. You must know a lot more about life then just your chosen endeavor in order to be a productive member of society if you don’t want to be cattle for the slaughter accepting the in Justice. And not just marching which is only a rallying point. The teachings are going to empower you by not only giving you a deeper understanding about yourself but of the world around you. When the Christian religion comes into Egypt and starts to close temples this begins the dark age for humanity. Christianity and Islam both speak of destroying other religions which is why there will never be peace between the two. Shetaut Neter lasted until 350A.C.E with the Romans. The lecture discuss the three human needs 1. food (sustenance) 2. shelter (home) 3. boat (opportunity) we were advised to look up the” School of the Americas” and how to suppress the people in Africa and the world, this is how there is control over the resources in Africa that is diamonds precious metals like gold tin wood etc which affect the three human needs food shelter and opportunity it’s modern day slavery or neo colonialism.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why? The most important part of lecture to myself was the teachings on the temple which has 4 aspects discussed during the lecture 1. Agriculture, 2.Education and 4 spirituality. A person enters the temple at 5 and from 5-10 learns agriculture finance logistics to bring new materials to different places. From 10 to 20 is your apprenticeship and then you graduate with a trade however if one seeks to be a priestess or priest you begin at the age of 20 and the first level of priesthood is 7-10 years then the 2nd level is 4 years for high levels. Agriculture was mentioned alot during the lecture because of its importance to the economy of any nation and it being key to the 3 human needs and without this the other aspects of the temple will suffer. It was also mentioned that Pythagoras and Plato spent decades in the temple receiving the teachings in contrast to Aristotle who came into Egypt with Alexander and stole the teachings and ascribed them to himself.

C-Note any questions you may have:

Q. Did the ancient kamites observe rites and rituals to have children born under certain cosmic forces for various personality traits using the Denderah in the temple of Hathor that later became the zodiac and its explanation of personality traits? And I read in the book Asarian theology that the cycles of the moon represent aspects of Heru, is there a correct astrological chart that gives times when certain deities are cosmic forces are more prevalent so one can make off friends and align themselves with these qualities of the divine?
Q. In the lecture you mentioned the degrading of Society in psychic waves and physical waves, I know that the daily devotional worship (uashu)and chants(hekau) as well as the other disciplines create a psychic armor armor that protects one from these energies. It is my understanding that these energies become thought forms that are charged with enormous energy by those who don’t even know they are doing it. My question is in addition to the armor one places on one’s self through shedy is it safe to create additional rituals using the Hekau from the passages of the Asarian resurrection and the pert m hru to counter these psychic and physical waves, just for an example doing a directional ritual for the four directions of the mind east, west, north and south and and wind, water, earth and fire and the deities or cosmic forces related to them shu,Tefnut, Nut,Geb with Ra in the center doing an invocation not evocation because I recall reading that this will happen naturally through advancement in meditation from the meditation book. I ask because I know these are powerful forces so I wouldn’t play with them and would send them in before implementing them to be safe. I appreciate your guidance and wisdom on these matters.

Dua Sebai MAA and Seba Dja