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Udja Sandra, in reply to post #6069

Thank you very much in sharing your thoughts on Semauiba Sakuhai’s question and thanks Semauiba for asking it. Sandra, I very much relate to what you said in regarding your practice. Living with the philosophy as part of Shetaut Neter religion and overcoming the stress of worldly life while staying ever vigilant in being aware of using the philosophy to work with challenges and experiences. It is good to hear from another on this, always inspiring as we take the union with the Higher Self seriously. I wanted to add that I do remember Sebai Maa speaking on this but I cant remember the location I read it. From my understanding and memory philosophy is not neccesarily mystical, as there is worldly philosophy that does not lead to mystical realization or true understanding. I would add to your statement Sandra that religions have philosophy and many don’t follow it, but also in “incomplete religion” it does not have mystical philosophy or if it does the practitioners don’t learn it or follow it. I look forward to the guidance and if I come across the sources where Sebai Maa spoke on this I will be sure to share it.