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Level 1, Lesson 14, Video Assignment, Introduction to Shetaut Neter, 104-105 Parts 1 and 2.

Important Themes Presented:
A. Authentic religion has three parts: Myth, Ritual and Mysticism.
B. Shetaut Neter can be approached as a philosophy (a way of life) or as a religion.
C. Netarianism, the practice of Shetaut Neter, was practiced in ancient times in Kemet (today called Egypt) more than 12,000 years ago. Neterians are the followers of Shetaut Neter.
D. Herumachet (the Sphinx) has been proven to be the earliest recorded evidence of the practice of religion anywhere in the world.
D. We can have a culture of wisdom or a culture of ignorance. Studying Shetuatu Neter is not enough. We must live the wisdom teachings to elevate our culture.
E. Searching for happiness in the external world is the pursuit of illusion.
F. Shetaut Neter means the teaching about the hidden Supreme Being.
G. The Harper’s Song is a genre of literature that teaches the understanding and meaning of the purpose of life. It explains that there is something more than the physical world and the dream state and instructs how to discover what that is.
H. “The body belongs to earth, the soul belongs to heaven” ancient proverb meaning we are not the body, we are soul which is immortal. Training and purifying the mind through the teachings is key to succeeding in reaching the goal of Nehast.
I. The gods and goddesses worshiped in Shetaut Neter represent all the expressions of divinity, all aspects of creation. Propitiating the gods and goddesses leads us to understanding the Divine.
Understanding the gods and goddesses leads one to control and become a master of nature.
J. Amun’s blue skin relates to higher consciousness, Amun means higher consciousness.
K. Three levels of aspiration: (1) aspiration; (2) those that strive to go to higher levels of the teachings; and (3) those that are established.
L. The layout of the Temple reflects the three levels of aspiration, mind, and consciousness.
M. Rekhyt means the common people, those who come to the temple to make offerings.
N. The 4 great truths encapsulates the entire teachings of Shetaut Neter. Understanding the 4 groat truths and applying them to your life will lead to intuitive wisdom and the goal, Nehast.
O. Ua Ua means One One.
P. Nebedjer means all encompassing divinity.
Q. Saui Set means feters of the mouth.
R. Khemn means ignorance.
S. Uashu means devotion.
T. Shedy means the spiritual disciplines.

What Impressed me the most:
What impressed me the most was the formula the sages created to lead an aspirant to enlightenment. Studying and applying the teachings to one’s life under a spiritual Preceptor takes the guess work and doubt out of how one is to live their life in harmony. It brings a level of peace and certainty to one’s life. As an aspirant applies the teachings they will begin to experience the harmony, peace and order that comes into their life. Yes, there are challenges still in life, however, even the challenges are explained and part of the process. If one diligently performs their Shedy practice and maintains their perspective as coming from the philosophy’s perspective, there is a safe harbor no matter what one experiences because you realize it is all an experience, and illusion and it too shall pass. It is not who you truly are. Even if I do not know who I truly am to the extent of being enlightened I know what I am not, the body. Therefore, there is a level of detachment from the world and a moving towards the Divine.

Interaction Assignment:
Post #5164 and Reply, Akua Nyarko and Sebai Maa:
This lesson was a review of information from past lessons. It was a welcome review because it reaffirmed so many important points regarding the philosophy. Akua’s interaction response was an interesting perspective in that it expanded on my reflections of what is illusory and what is real. The majesty of the Ancient African culture in Kemet was only achieved because of the spiritually enlightened culture. Each day my focus while interacting in the world is that, “I am Asar, the Soul”, therefore the ego is experiencing and doing, nothing. Whatever is created or accomplished, it is an act of the Soul and if it is in time and space it is illusory and I must remain detached from it.

Sebai Maa’s response was also beneficial to me. When I approached this study course I wanted to know what was required to be an established spiritual aspirant, the requirements spiritually as well as time and space requirements. Through the lessons these requirements began to be elaborated upon. As I began to implement them I discovered that there is great joy and peace in the application of the wisdom teachings. My confusion and doubt with regard to how to live my life is decreasing with more understanding of the teachings. I am beginning to understand another facet of “devotion to the divine”. Being a serious spiritual aspirant means devotion to the divine, the self, in all that I do, say, and think. It is tested everyday as I interact in the world whether with co-workers, family, friends, or strangers that I meet. It has changed how I see the world and also, I have discovered, how the world sees me.