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Continuation in brief of # 6062.

My friend is a Jazz musician and so we were in part discussing feelings, emotion, and ego in relation to art. I said “Art is a mix between awareness and feeling but emotions are almost unique from feelings because emotions I think are also connected to cultural conditioning whereas feelings are almost the root of emotions and emotions are in part how we interpret our feelings but this is just speculation.” I added the piece of speculation because I wanted more understanding and to consult the teachings further because at this point I don’t learn much on my own understanding but am seeking to understand.

From a quantum physics and meditation perspective I would say that seeing feelings strictly as the relationship between sense-experiences and mind is inadequate because in reality what we are perceiving with our senses is not solid and real. So the feelings produced by it would have more to do with our state of mind somehow then the “objects and sensory experiences” themselves. So what would be the origin or a working definition for feelings and emotions and how do they interact?