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Udja Everyone,

In a past Chatgroup meeting a Shems asked Sebai Maa about feelings versus emotions if I remember correctly. I am contemplating this currently and engaged in reflection on this with a friend and am wondering if anyone has notes or personal recollections of the details of this topic. I also feel it was addressed in a book or a few of the books, I have most of them so if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be helpful and much appreciated.

to give some context my friend asked me “What would emotions be when separated from ego? positive emotions, no emotions, etc?” My initial response on the spot was that positive or lucid emotions associated with selfless actions (Maat), when the individual is not clinging to selfish ego interests, could be considered emotions free from Ego. Then I returned later and said on further contemplation emotions arise when attached to the ego, positive or negative, so when your in a egoless state even temporarily then the feeling is like bliss and you engaged in things like releasing concepts, intuitional realizations etc and not really associated with emotions per se. I also added that when your in a state of mind free from ego, you are not perturbed by the experience of the world and can express emotions or relate to others emotions within the context of your culture while internally being non-attached and not associated to that experience as ultimate reality so internally you are beyond the emotions of the moment even while engaged in that world. Keeping a meditative awareness. Then the question of feelings came up because I said emotions are in part culturally conditioned responses and perspectives on feelings. So my friend inquired further, what would be a definition of feelings?

These types of discussions are very helpful in showing where I am at because I know if I was enlightened I would be able to fully understand these issues on my own but as of now its important to try and resist giving my thoughts until after consulting the teachings. There is a proverb I was looking for that spoke of Truth having the force of emotions Behind it, but I could not find it as yet and it was not as explanatory as may be helpful.